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Could feminazis be more ridiculous?

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Youre-dumbOkay, so…this is nothing more than a short rant about feminazis.

For the record, when I say “feminazis,” I am not using the term to encompass all feminism. There are plenty of feminists and feminist allies who are in it for “the right reasons,” and I think they are amazing for all they do. Over all, I have no issues with feminism in its purist form, because I believe that true feminism is about giving women a choice, and elevating them to a status equal to that of men in all things, rather than dictating their lives for them or elevating them to a place of power over men. When I use the term “feminazis,” I’m discussing feminists and feminist allies whose activism is more about the latter.


Have you heard about the movie Her? It’s about a man who falls in love with his operating system, which is coded to meet his every need. So, in essence, the entire point of the movie is that the female character the man falls in love with is unrealistic and doesn’t exist.

Damn if a feminazi or two isn’t bitching that the movie doesn’t present a single realistic female character.

I mean, come on, y’all. Seriously?

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