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Product Review: Ami by Je Joue

December 24th, 2013

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Ooo, what’s that?

ami300wI have been lusting after the Je Joue Ami since they hit the new products page on that store that you can’t trust. I’ve tried so many kegel balls, and though I liked most of them, the’ve all left me wanting. Except Emigi, but I like Emigi for other reasons.

Imagine my excitement when I saw Ami on TabuToys.com’s list of review items up for grabs.

What’d it come in?

The Ami is packaged similarly to LELO products. It came in a pink paperboard box outside of a sturdy black cardboard box. Inside the box is a molded plastic insert with holes in it for the “tails”, and each ball is labeled. I was tickled pink about that part. Pun optional.

How’s it made?

Length Diameter Weight
Ami 1 4.75″ 1.5″ 1.65 oz.
Ami 2 5.75″ 1.25″ 2.75 oz
Ami 3 6.25″ 1.125″ 3.73 oz

As you can see, there are three sets of balls to the Ami. They’re each different shapes and sizes, but all are made of silicone, and each set has a retrieval loop. Like Smartballs, Emigi, and Luna, the sets have free-moving balls inside. These are said to help strengthen your PC muscle without any effort on your part.

What’s it for?

The Je Joue Ami is meant for exercising your pubococcygeus muscle. Use is simple. Start with Ami 1 if you’re a beginner and work your way up to Ami 3. Add a bit of lube and insert the ball you choose. Then you can either work your kegels through various methods (explained here), or just do some chores or go for a walk. Through regular use of these balls, the wearer may notice improved urinary health and stronger orgasms! Seems like a good enough reason to kegel to me!

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
easy to use
excellent price
multiple weights and sizes
great for beginners
Ami 2 seems a little too long
for my anatomy

I’ve had at least one gripe with just about every set of kegel balls I’ve used. It almost always involves comfort somehow. Smartballs are too long, and eventually, I end up with one of the balls hanging outside of my body. LELO’s Luna Noir balls have a really uncomfortable retrieval string. Like, we’re talking raw pussy lips. Emigi is almost perfect, but occasionally, the flat side of its retrieval string gets pokey. And ben wa balls have a tendency to fall out at the most inopportune moments. And they’re all expensive! Well, when compared to Ami, anyway. Look! (prices found at various stores around the web)

comparison300wJe Joue Ami (3 sets of weighted balls) – $49
Fun Factory Teneo Uno (1 weighted ball) – $24.99
Fun Factory Teneo Duo (1 set of two connected weighted balls) – $29
Sinfive Emigi (1 set of two connected weighted balls) – $39.66
LELO Luna (1 set of two weighted balls w/silicone sleeve) – $49
LELO Luna Noir (1 set of two weighted balls w/silicone sleeve) – $32.99

When I saw Ami, naturally I was skeptical. I mean, when everything has at least one flaw, of course you’re gonna be skeptical. It has all the right features; multiple sizes and weights, made of silicone, smooth retrieval string. But I’ve been fooled before.

When I first got Ami, I decided to use the first ball. It seemed overly easy, so the next time I used them, I moved up to the second ball. The first ball is not overly easy. If you have not been kegeling with balls, you’re going to want to start with the first ball.

I found the second ball a little long. I haven’t been able to figure out if this is just the way my anatomy behaves when I use it, or if it really is too long for me. I have Fun Factory’s Smartballs, and they are definitely too long, but Ami 2 is shorter than them, and they still seem overly long. It takes an inordinate amount of strength and concentration to keep them in. Of course, this could be a testament to the weakness of my PC muscle, but I don’t have an issue holding Ami 3 inside. This is why I’m thinking it’s got something to do with the length of Ami 2.

Other than the length of Ami 2, though, I absolutely love these balls. They’re comfortable. They’re easy to use. They make kegeling a much more interesting experience. And when you compare the price and quality to other kegel balls, Ami is the obvious choice.

Anything else I should know?

Use water based lube with this set. There’s a bit of a learning curve to knowing how much to use. It depends on your body, and how much lubrication you produce naturally.

Wash these balls with non-abrasive antibacterial soap and water or wipe them down with a 10% bleach/90% water solution.

I’ve seen some folks say you can disinfect these by boiling them, or tossing them in the dishwasher, but I’m a nervous nelly, and I worry they’d pop a seal. So I guess try this at your own risk?

People also say you should never use these in your anus because there’s no flared base. I suppose this depends on your comfort level. There is always the potential for the ball slipping too far inside for you to be able to reach the string, but your anus is a natural exit. According to the late, great, Jack Morin, if you relax, it’ll all come out in the wash…or the toilet, as the case may be.

Where’d ya get it?

The awesome folks at TabuToys.com sent me the Je Joue Ami, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review of the toy. TabuToys.com offers discreet, private shopping to men and women of all sexual orientations. Aside from their selection of over 3000 hand-picked toys, they offer good reading material such as Sex Toys 101 and Buying Your First Vibrator. And to help you pick out just the toy you’re looking for, they have an excellent Sex Toy Quiz.

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  1. Camryn
    December 27th, 2013 at 02:00 | #1

    One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to finally buy a set of kegel balls, and it will either be this set or the Lelo Luna Beads. I’m leaning towards getting both *laughs*

  2. December 27th, 2013 at 10:38 | #2

    @ Camryn If you go with the Luna beads, get the white ones. The black ones look nicer, but the retrieval cord is really uncomfortable. Rubbed my lips raw in fifteen minutes of use.

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