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The Best Motivator

December 17th, 2013 4 comments

IMG_2845-Earlier in the year, I wrote about how I need a punishment dynamic. The reason is simple. I’m not perfect, and Master and I are of the mind that breaking rules should have consequences, if only to teach the rule breaker a lesson. But if I’m to be honest, punishment is not what motivates me to perform to the best of my ability.

Punishment serves its purpose, of course. It gets the point across that the behavior I exhibited is wrong (as “wrong” behaviors go in our relationship), and should be corrected. It provides real consequences for actions that might not actually have consequences outside of the confines of our relationship. And it shows me that Master is paying attention, and will uphold the rules he’s given me, which, for me, is kind of a big deal.

I question authority in the best of times. When that authority seems not to care about their position, or allows me to steamroll them and just do whatever I want to, I will absolutely take advantage of them. Why not? They obviously don’t care about the rules. Why should I?

Not that I need Master to point out when I screw up. I know the second I do something wrong that I’ve stepped outside of the boundaries of my station in his life. Hell, I know as I’m doing it. But I’m an impulsive pain in the ass, and occasionally, no matter how hard I yank on the breaks, it’s already done, and the only thing there is to do about it is take the punishment. That’s life. I mean, how many times have you weighed your options, and made a life-affecting decision, only to realize how big of a mistake it was in the follow through? Read more…

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