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Melen’s Birthday Question Answers! (part 2)

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Melen’s passion is photography. This is pic he took of a nearby house that was owned by collie breeders and was abandoned after a fire broke out in the kitchen. The house was still decked out in 70s garb. Click to enlarge.

The second installment of answers to questions you asked Melen for his birthday giveaway. Find the first installment here.

PropertyofPotter asked:

What’s your favorite season and why?

I guess fall, if I had to pick one. I like each season for different reasons. Spring because everything is starting to grow. Summer because, well, that’s a no brainer. I live in Upstate NY, so fall is awesome with the leaves changing color. And winter because it gives me a better appreciation for the other 3 seasons.

Do you still have fantasies that have yet to be fulfilled?

Always. I figure once you fulfill a fantasy, might as well replace it with something else. At the moment, those fantasies involve rayne and another girl. I haven’t met the right girl yet, tho.

Do you have a bucket list (sexual or otherwise)?

Not really. I’m horrible at keeping lists. I’m even worse at following them. Read more…

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