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Being Good at Sex

October 14th, 2013 1 comment

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Master asked me a really good question on Wednesday, once we’d finally gotten my insanity under wraps. He asked me why being good at sex is “bad” or “shameful”.

The conversation started when he was trying to explain to me all the ways that I make his life better. I must’ve pulled a face when he said I keep his cock happy, because he said something like (paraphrasing at best), “Rayne, even if you failed at everything else in the world, you are a damn good fuck, and you will never fail at that, and I don’t understand why that has to be a bad thing.”

And, I mean, it’s not. For US. He and I do not view the fact that I rock his proverbial world in the sack as a bad or shameful thing. We think it’s awesome. We know lots of people who are not sexually satisfied and probably never will be because instead of discussing it with their partners, they choose to suffer through a lackluster sex life.

This, in my opinion, is the wrong way to go about things. And it’s not only causing them grief, but it’s causing their partners grief as well. Especially if the dissatisfaction leads to infidelity. Read more…

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