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It’s like all I ever talk about, these days, is how much life sucks.

September 26th, 2013 7 comments

imageI’m having a bit of an identity crisis, lately.

Master’s hurt his back, and there is fuck all I can do to help him.

We need stuff in the house, but we can’t go shopping because I don’t drive and he’s not allowed. Though the whole process of going to the doctor, getting X-rays, and buying his prescriptions didn’t break us, as we feared, we still don’t have a lot of money, even though we’ve both done side work. Getting the things that would lessen his current pain and the chance of this happening again is so insanely out of our reach it’s depressing.

There’s nowhere comfortable for him to sit or lay in this house. We need a new mattress; the one we have is 11 years old. We need a new couch; the one we have is a shitty futon from WalMart that busted a weld the first time we sat on it because one of the rods was cut too short. We need better kitchen chairs so he can sit comfortably when he works, or to turn the front bedroom into an office. He needs new shoes that are not from WalMart or Payless so there’s actual support.

It all sounds very superficial, and makes me feel gross because I know people who don’t even have a mattress, but if you’ve ever had a back problem, you know how important good furniture and shoes are. Read more…

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