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I have to ask permission for lots of things, but you draw the line at masturbation?

September 11th, 2013 9 comments

All3One of the first things Master took away from me when he collared me was my right to choose when, where, and how to pleasure myself.

I probably asked him why. That’s what I do. Being a slave, I’m just supposed to accept whatever orders he gives me without question, but I am the original Why Child, and I question everything. I mean, I still do what I’m told, even without the answer. But I almost always ask. It’s just my way. #slaveryfail

I’m sure that when I asked him why, he responded with, “Because I can.” That’s his way.

It’s possible that later he explained it. I have a distant memory of a discussion about my pleasure belonging to him with the rest of me. I remember him saying a time or two that he wanted to be the one to give me pleasure, even if that meant telling me when I could pleasure myself. Read more…

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