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Fear is a Four-Letter Word

September 6th, 2013 Comments off

I have a really hard time talking about my emotions. Somewhere along the line, I got the idea that emotions are weakness, and you should never let your weakness show. People will take advantage of your weakness.

But besides that, I obsess over the words I use.

Today, I feel melancholy.

No, that’s not right. Read more…

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Product Review: Dulce Bunny Clit Vibe by Closet Collection Toys

September 6th, 2013 Comments off

BunnyBoxOoo, what’s that?

Isn’t it cute? That’s the Dulce Bunny Clit Vibe by Closet Collection Toys. And I turned down a bunch of kink toys to get it because it was just too pretty not to. This is something I do. It burns me occasionally. So many pretty toys seriously suck in use. But this time, I’m glad I chose this bunny.

What’d it come in?

If you look past the flowers and high heels on the box (because all women wear heels, right?), the packaging really isn’t all that bad. It’s pretty sturdy cardboard, and the color is neat. I’m big on teals, and paisley, if done right, can be really cute. However, you can see through the front, so if you’ve got company, probably you should open this package after they leave. Read more…