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Product Review: Rattan Cane with Suede Handle 30″ by @Stockroom_com

August 29th, 2013

Ooo, what’s that?

Recently, a few people have asked me about a good cane to start with. I always cringe when I’m asked this because canes are no joke. I don’t want people to come back to me all, “You said this was a good cane, but all it did was hurt!” all stompy, and whiny, and stuff, so I almost always preface my answer with extremely patronizing questions like, “You do realize canes hurt, right?” and “Have you been spanked before?” and “Are you sure you’re a masochist?” People probably think I’m an asshole, but I’m just looking out for you, man!

But I guess every newbie kinkster’s gotta start somewhere. If I had to suggest a place to start, this would be it. It’s the 30″ Rattan Cane with Suede Handle by Stockroom. And it is glorious.

What’d it come in?

The rattan cane was lovingly packaged in brown packing paper, and placed inside a brown cardboard box. It says something like JTT Enterprise on the label, so even if someone saw and did know what JT’s Stockroom is, they wouldn’t know that’s where your toy was from.

They might, however, be curious about what you ordered that came in such a long box. Blueprints, maybe? Yeah…blueprints for the perfect kinky night.

How’s it made?

This cane is made of rattan, obviously, with a bit of suede wrapped around the end making a handle. It’s about thirty inches long and just under an inch around, but the measurements of your cane might be different as these canes are handmade. It also comes in a twenty-three inch version, but M likes his canes long.

Rattan is a segmented stem, like bamboo, but rattan isn’t hollow, and is much stronger. It’s different densities, and sizes, and it has to be processed before it can be made into a cane and used on your bottom. Basically, what that entails is sanding, soaking and steaming to straighten, and varnishing to protect.

What’s it for?

A sound spanking. Though a cane is a much different pain than one feels from a hand or whip. It can be used all over the body, but take care around danger zones, like the spine, joints, fingers and toes.

This is where M usually says “Some of the smallest bones in your body are in there!” and I gently remind him that the smallest bones in your body are in your ear, and he responds with something smart. Or intelligent, rather. Though often smart-mouthed, too. He’s good that way.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
simple design
smooth and splinter free
feels pretty amazing if
you’re into that sort of thing
bends with use

M and I love rattan canes, and especially this one.

M’s big on long, flexible canes. He likes the way they feel when they’re slicing the air in his hand. And this cane gives a satisfying swish.

I love and hate canes. The bite is definitely not like anything I’ve ever felt. He can use it to really hurt me if he wants to, but controls the beating so that it dances between almost too light to just beyond my pain tolerance to push my boundaries. This cane is perfect for that.

This is actually our second cane of this nature. Though they’re made the same, I’m not sure where the first one came from. It’s a popular design, so it could have come from anywhere.

The first cane is a little heavier than the second, but that could be because they’re from different batches. The cool thing about that, though, is that their bite is just a little bit different.

These canes last a good long time. We’ve had our first one at least eight years, and all that’s really happened to it is it has changed color, and the end is starting to splinter. But we’ve moved at least four times since we got it, and we didn’t always have the snazzy case we keep all our impact toys in now, so it could be caused by that. It could also be caused by the fact that someone used it to play with the kitten between sessions. Not mentioning any names…M.

The only real con to canes made of rattan is something that manufacturers can’t do anything about. It’s a quality of the material that is actually sought after. Rattan needs one of two things to break; extreme pressure, or total dryness. It’s actually varnished while it’s still wet to seal in some of the moisture to keep it from becoming brittle. So when you’re caning someone with rattan, it tends to wrap around their curves, some. Eventually, because it bends instead of breaking, it will start to curve a bit, as you can see in the images above.

M thinks this is awesome. I worry that it will eventually curl up like a fiddle head fern. Luckily, they’re not that expensive, so if we have to, we can just order a new one. On the other hand, rattan’s also not that difficult to straighten.

Anything else I should know?

Always test impact toys out on something that is not your partner. Your couch, your bed, a stuffed animal…anything without, like, muscle tissue and skin that you can cause damage to. Once you think you’ve got the hang of this cane, test it on your own body parts before your bottom’s. Especially if you’ve never used a cane before. This way, you know what it feels like, and are better able to gauge how it feels to your bottom.

Maintaining rattan really isn’t all that difficult. I found this great guide that requires soap suds (just the suds) and boiled linseed oil, but it’s for furniture. I’ve never taken it that far. That could be why our first cane is so curved now. I’ve considered restraightening it, but I don’t know how the varnish will react. I guess now that we have a second one, I could give it a shot without worrying too much about ruining the old one. Aside from the sentimental value, anyway.

Where’d ya get it?

Stockroom provided this cane to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review. JT’s Stockroom was founded in 1988 by Joel Tucker (JT), a kinky college kid on a budget who just wanted quality leather cuffs that fit his budget and couldn’t find them. So he took up leatherwork and made his own (along with some other restraints), and then later started selling them on BBSes (pre-internet bulletin boards) while making them out of his bedroom. Now they’re known around the world, having been featured in Playboy’s Foursome, ABC’s Castle, and, of course, FX’s American Horror Story.

JT’s Stockroom has won multiple awards from AVN and XBiz. At their store in Los Angeles, they host monthly classes called Stockroom University, and they donate products in support of the BDSM community for things like events and non-profit fundraisers.


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