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Quick and Dirty Updates

August 21st, 2013
Oh noes! Attack of the killer kitty kisses!

Oh noes! Attack of the killer kitty kisses!

Hey, guess what. No, really guess.

Oh, you’re no fun. You’re supposed to guess!

Fine. I’ll just tell you. 

  • Master has been fucking and beating me pretty much every day. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. This is a major change in our (more recent) sex life, and is in direct relation to our discussions surrounding my slavery and his sadism. I’m quite pleased with us. We’ve improved our communication skills by leaps and bounds, and sometimes I find myself wondering what happened to that little girl, in the beginning of our relationship, who couldn’t figure out any other way to get her point across besides yelling. She’s welcome to stay where ever she is.
  • More sex might just lead to more sex write-ups. I’m excited about this because I miss writing about fucking him. Is that weird? That’s weird, isn’t it? Well, me in a nutshell: weird.
  • While my primary focus is still here, I’m working on some fiction. Not necessarily erotica, though probably that, too. But what I’m diggin on, right now, is murder mysteries, paranormal stories, and fantasy. If I come up with anything worthwhile, I’ll be putting together some e-books, and slapping them up somewhere to make them available to the world. Probably self publish, and there will definitely be a freebie or two to give new readers (and old readers who haven’t read any of my fiction) an idea of what my writing’s like before they buy. I feel like it’s only fair.
  • I’m also writing my life story. That sounds arrogant, but it’s not. I’m not writing it because I think I’m special, and awesome, and everyone should read it. I’m writing it because I was dumb, and my life was dangerous, and people should know a) what can happen in those situations and b) what that feels like. I dunno that I’ll ever do anything with it once it’s done besides tuck it away in a folder on my laptop. But I think it’ll be cathartic to get it all out.
  • If I do decide to do something with it besides tuck it away in a folder on my laptop, it will be under a different name. One that isn’t attached to my face all over the internet. Because it’s like this. Some of the people who were involved have moved on and are making better lives for themselves. The last thing in the world I want is to ruin that for them. It doesn’t matter what they did to me. Revenge, at this point, won’t even serve to make me feel better about what happened. So I figure the best way to make sure no one involved (including myself) is touched by my story is to pick yet another name no one knows me by. When it’s finished, and I decide what to do with it, I’ll let y’all know what ends up happening, and make a decision about how to go about sharing my story with my internet friends without making it easy to connect me to it.
  • You’ve probably noticed I’m reviewing again, huh? I’m doing my best not to make it too spammy, but I’m kinda backed up with this round, and I’ve got more stuff on the way, so I need to push out quite a few over the next week or so. This is me apologizing in advance. I’m working on some other posts, too, and will do my best to balance it out. At least I lead the titles with “Product Review” so you can skip those if you want, right?
  • Reviews waiting to happen (I’m still waiting on some of these to arrive): Spunk Pink, Spunk Pure SiliconeLiv 2, Locking Purple Wrist Cuffs with Black Trim, Locking Purple Ankle Cuffs with Black Trim, Short Locking Curved Posture Collar in Purple Leather with Black Trim, Rattan Cane with Suede Handle (30″), The Naga by Bad Dragon, Dark Secret Love: A Story of Submission by Alison Tyler (not yet published), Fifty Shades of Grey Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator, and Closet Collection Toys: Dulce Bunny Clit Vibe. That’s it for now.

That’s it. Things are pretty great with us. I found a lump in my breast, but it turns out it was hormones related to my period. I’m trying to pretend I haven’t convinced myself that this means I will absolutely end up with breast cancer. Gotta live until you die, and all that.

Hope you’re well.


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