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Update: New Affiliates, Upcoming Sex Toy Goodness, and a Short Hiatus

July 26th, 2013

Look! I'm not wearing black!

So I’ve been lax in posting this week. I have an excuse! My mom’s coming up TOMORROW.

Yes. My mom. By herself. Can you believe it?

I’m so nervous. SO NERVOUS. I haven’t seen her since Disney, and haven’t talked to her much either, because I suck at being a daughter. But we’ve got all sorts of plans, and we’re going to have a great time.

Master took the whole week off, and Mom goes home on Wednesday or Thursday, so we’ll have some time to hang out by ourselves. That’s gonna be awesome, too. Wish we could afford to go up to the Adirondacks and pitch a tent. That’s going to have to wait till fall, though. Stupid broken laptop.

Speaking of broken laptops, we’re so broke right now it’s painful, because we had to fix the car and buy me a new laptop. If this wasn’t my way of bringing money in the house, we would have said fuck it, and I would have continued futzing around on my iPad, but without the nifty BlueTooth keyboard, doing the things I have to do to bring in money on an iPad takes FOREVER, and sucks hardcore. Plus, all the good office suites for iGadgets cost an arm and a leg. So a new laptop seemed like the best choice. One of our friends (who is way more awesome than I can put to words) financed a laptop for me, and even though he can pay it off over 6 months, we decided to pay it off in two because we hate owing people money, and they just bought a house and are on their way to their second child so they don’t need any extra stress.

It’s doable, but Sofa King tight. We have about $20 to our name until Master gets paid, and then all that money goes out in bills. The next month and a half is going to be painfully stressful. And that’s my cue to point out the nifty new banners in the sidebar that some of you have already noticed!

We affiliate with those companies, and we could really use some money. So iffn you’re feeling like helping us out, but you don’t want to just donate something (which I totally understand…money don’t grow on trees!), click a pic and buy something! I’m sure there’s something at one of those sites you’d love. I know because there’s not much at any of those sites that we don’t love, and Master’s hella picky.

Also, we’ve picked up a couple new affiliates. I’m really excited about them.

First up, we’ve got Hips and Curves. They’re a plus size lingerie store, and their stuff is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously. Plus? Check out these deals! 2 bras for $39, 4 pairs of panties for $26, and free shipping on orders over $85! And right now they’re holding an Instagram contest for a $25 gift card.

Crystal Delights has absolutely beautiful sex toys. Glass tails, plugs, and dildos are their specialty, but they carry other stuff, too. Be sure to check them out.

Have you heard of the Sqweel? It’s a motorized tongue meant to simulate oral sex for women. I’ve not yet tried it, but I am now affiliating with the manufacturer. Check out LoveHoney.com for other awesome toys!

Finally, we’ve got That Position, who’s happy to help you find the perfect strap on gear for you and your partner, as well as other things.

In other news, we’ve got some reviews to post in the coming weeks.

I received my first ever Bad Dragon toy a few weeks ago, and can I just say their silicone is so bad ass. You’ll be reading about The Cocksheath very soon. Ours glows in the dark, so expect lightsaber cock jokes.

I also received enough Spunk Lube to last me six months (cuz I mostly only use lube for anal and sex toys). This stuff really looks like cum, y’all. I’ll be pulling out the fancy camera for these pics so you can see just how much. So far, I’ve only had the opportunity to use it once (outside of rubbing it all over my hands to see what it felt like), but I loved it. And don’t worry. I’ll use each kind (there are three) plenty more before finally writing the reviews.

There’s something on the way from Tantus, and some stuff on the way from JT’s Stockroom, and I’ve still got a shit ton of stuff I bought way back when and never reviewed that I plan to write about very soon.

But what you really want to be watching out for is the giveaway I’ve got lined up. Especially if you’re kinky, and all your kink toys came from that store. You are seriously not going to want to miss this. It’s gonna be huge.

ALLLLLL of that being said, we’re going on hiatus. Don’t worry! It’s not a long one. It’s just from today until Master goes back to work on Monday, Aug. 5th. However, there will be stuff posted between now and then. For example, the giveaway starts on the 1st (I think…waiting on confirmation), Upworthy Sunday will be posted as scheduled, and there’s another repost from EdenCafe scheduled to go up on Monday. So I guess it’s not really a hiatus so much as a “scheduled posts only” type of thing.

I’ll miss you! Have a great weekend, and don’t work too hard next week.


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