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Female Escorts: A Valid Service

July 2nd, 2013



When you think about an escort, what comes to mind?

I envision a beautiful woman who is paid to show up at black tie affairs on the arms of corporate business men who don’t have the time, or inclination, to seek out a real relationship. You know the type of man I’m talking about. They’re usually between the ages of 30 and 60, and they spend more time with their iPhones and Macbooks than they do interacting face-to-face with people. They often find themselves expected to show up at some muckety-muck’s fundraiser, or Christmas party. And rather than go it alone, or ask one of their coworkers to accompany them, they hire a woman to act as their stand-in girlfriend for the evening, furthering their reputation as their city’s most eligible bachelor.

This woman may be employed by an “escort service”, or have a madam, but she almost definitely does not have a pimp. The only time you’ll see her on the street is if she’s out running errands, or accompanying a client to an event. And whether or not she has sex with her client is entirely up to her, if one ignores the current laws in this country. It’s not a guarantee. And if it does happen, it occurs without the agency’s direct knowledge to protect them from potential prosecution.

For all their differences, escorts have one thing in common with prostitutes. They do not kiss and tell. If someone finds out the girl you took to last month’s company bash was paid for her services, it’s because you told someone.

I think I’ve seen too many movies. But I’ve known a few escorts in my career in sex work, and I know that, in some cases, this isn’t really all that far from the truth.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of the female escort. Known by many as “the girlfriend experience”, escorts aren’t your typical sex workers. In fact, some don’t even have sex with their clients.

There are so many types of escorts and so many different types of people who hire them. Some escorts are virtually “sugar babies”, meeting with the same client over and over, getting paid for their services and showered with presents. Some are hired strictly so the client has a beautiful person on their arm when they step out into the lime light. Some provide the full “girlfriend experience” (hence the nickname), meaning they go on dates, show an interest in their clients’ lives, spend the night with them, have sex…just generally make their clients feel cared for the way a significant other would.

Before the internet, you could find these women in the classifieds, on phone dating services, and in the phone book. They most often worked with agencies because it was easier to find dates this way. And word of mouth was one of their best advertisements. These days, though, many escorts and escort services take to the internet to “peddle their wares”.

One such service is Models Escort Agency. Based in Sydney, Australia, this agency has a delectable array of models eager to spend time with anyone in need of a date. They pride themselves on how well they pair their models up with dates, and how skilled they are in the art of seduction. And don’t worry; your secret’s safe with them.

written by Rayne Millaray, sponsored by Models Escort Agency

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