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What’s so novel about a sex toy?

May 8th, 2013 2 comments

noveltyThe first time I ever laid eyes on a sex toy, I was about 15.

We had recently moved into a neighborhood that was less than a mile from a brand new mall. Most of my friends lived within five miles of me, and teenagers in the US tend to gravitate to malls, so naturally, the mall became one of our favorite places to hang out.

A few months after we moved in, they put in a Spencer’s, but the mall had some stipulations. If they were going to sell “adult materials”, they had to split the store into two sections, and card people who entered the adult section. Thing is, none of the stores in that mall ever carded people for anything. Every time we visited, we left with something we weren’t even supposed to have access to, let alone be allowed to buy. From wind-up jumping penises to chocolate covered Kahlua, if we weren’t supposed to have it, one of us made sure to buy one.  Read more…

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