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Insecurity: It’s not just a girl thing.

April 18th, 2013 1 comment

clitvibecompareI’m a freelance writer and editor. It started as a hobby, because I love to write, and has since become some semblance of a career. It ebbs and flows as most things in life do. But one thing that always remains constant is that the vast majority of the articles I write are focused on sex, sexuality, and relationships.

Everyone we know knows what I do, including our families. They know that I review sex toys, and that our collection toppled over the $3000 mark years ago. They know that if they don’t let us know they’re coming before they visit, they may have to blush through me rushing around the house to stow away giant black dildos, and teeny purple and white vibrators, and various “sex enhancers” of the bondage variety. And they know I won’t apologize for delving into “not-safe-for-work” territory (as long as we’re not at their work) because I stand firm on the belief that adults should be capable of discussing sex in appropriate venues without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

Most of them think it’s the coolest thing ever. The women ask me all sorts of questions, from how to find their g-spot to which toy is my favorite. The men slap M on the back and congratulate him on his choice in women. Read more…

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