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Sing a song of sixpence, pocket full of…dashes.

April 11th, 2013


How about my week in dashes?

– Saturday was my birthday. We went hiking and ate ice cream cake. What the hell happened to Carvel? We’ll be getting our ice cream cakes locally from now on.

– I started my period on Saturday. Guess who didn’t get birthday spankings. I did get a lawnmower for my birthday. FROM MY LANDLORD. Best landlord ever. This move is proving to be pretty awesome.

Okay, so that’s not this week. Shut up. It’s my list. 

– M took Monday and Tuesday off so we could hang out for my birthday. We ended up being sick, and stayed home doing not much of anything. We’ve been sick a lot, lately. Probably should have that checked. Though I still maintain it’s because we haven’t been eating right or exercising. We’ll see, I guess. If we ever get back to that.

– Two years ago, my grandfather died of old age and colon cancer. Because his sons and most of their children are unreliable psychos, he put my mother in charge of his estate. My cousins have decided this was an egregious error on my grandfather’s part because it’s been two years and the estate hasn’t been settled. Knowing my mother the way that I do, I know she’s not sitting around with her thumb up her ass. She’s a lot of things, but irresponsible isn’t one of them. Yet, my cousins (some of whom have been helped out a time or two by my mother when their parents refused to even speak to them) have taken to harassing her and putting her on blast on Facebook. Despite the state of my relationship with my mother, I want to kill my cousins.

– Zedd (our rescue cockatiel) has completely decomped. For those not in the know, this is a term usually used by the mental health industry to describe a patient whose mental state is getting worse. If I had to take a guess at the cause, I’d say it’s a combination of the situation at our old place, the move, and M and I no longer having the patience for his fits (also caused by the situation at the old place). It had gotten to the point that he was spending more time covered up than socializing because all he was doing when we tried to socialize with him was screaming. So I called the local parrot society and asked them for help. They picked him up yesterday and will be rehabilitating and rehoming him. Even though this is the best thing for him, I feel like I’ve betrayed him. It’s been really hard for me.

– I have writers block so severe that even writing this is making me nauseous. I wonder what that means.

– I just deleted a whole bunch of text when trying to add a picture to this post.

– I think I’m just gonna go cuddle my kitty and try to come up with a mission statement. Have a great day, y’all!

P.S. Being blocked is depressing.

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