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Scene write-up: There’s a first for everything.

April 3rd, 2013

IMG_2759-“Rayne,” he called from the shower.

For a moment, I toyed with the idea of yelling “What?” from the kitchen, but our shower is loud, and it’s made so much louder by our high ceilings. He wouldn’t have heard me.

“Yes?” I asked, as I pushed open the bathroom door.

“Go get the cane out, and bend over the bed. Just wait there.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied, as that odd mixture of anxiety and excitement I get when I know he’s going to play with me built up between my stomach and diaphragm.

I practically skipped to the bedroom, and I grinned is I unzipped the kink bag and pulled the cane out. After laying it on the bed, I spread my legs far enough to be comfortable and flattened my torso against the mattress.

That’s when the anxiety kicks in. Every. Single. Time.

I have a symptom they call “racing thoughts” because your mind flits from topic to seemingly-unrelated topic faster than a butterfly on a windy Spring day. And in those moments when I’m placed somewhere, waiting for him to be ready for me, my mind goes so far so fast that by the time he turns up, I’m already dead in my imagination.

This time, though, I recognized what I was doing to myself before I got too carried away, and instead fretted over whether or not I should have taken off my t-shirt and panties before bending over. He didn’t say get undressed, and he for sure knew I had clothes on. And besides, it was too late now. He said don’t move once I bent over.

I tucked my arms under my chest and listened to the water. I began to wonder how long I’d been there, and how long I’d be waiting, when the water snicked off. My body tensed. I willed myself to relax as I heard the door swing open and M’s feet hit the carpet.

“So, you’ve got a choice,” he said as he yanked my panties off. “You can take nothing and get nothing. You can take twenty and suck me off and play with your toys. Or you can take fifty and fuck me.”

I whimpered. It seemed I hadn’t done a good enough job of ignoring my mind’s natural instinct to scare the shit out of me over something I love.

“That’s not an answer. I didn’t say take all day.”

“I want you to fuck me,” I whined as he kicked my feet together and bound my ankles with the hemp rope we won from Maui Kink.

“And I want you back the way you were. What’s it going to be?”

I whimpered again, shifted my feet a little to see how difficult it was going to be to balance on my toes, and finally said, “Fifty.”

Okay, so if you ignore the whole (almost) never saying “Master” thing, we’ve jumped back into the owner/property thing with both feet. I’m quite the disrespectful bitch, at times. But then, I guess that’s normal for us. Here’s hoping I’ll grow out if it one day?

He grabbed me by the hair and jerked me into a standing position, then ripped my shirt up over my head. Once I and the shirt were disentangled from my leash, he shoved me back to the mattress and put my hands behind my back. Then he bound my wrists.

After the first few strokes, he stuffed his cock in my pussy. And I thought Well! If I’d have known he was going to fuck me while he beat me, I’d have been far less apprehensive! 

I’m betting that was at least a part of the appeal.

Course, he totally cheated and brought out the Jackboot when he was finished with the fifty strokes. And I’m pretty sure he went beyond fifty. And the last ten were meaner than the first forty.

But I was still dripping down my leg when he grabbed me by the hair, pulled me up off the bed and shoved me to my knees just before cumming all over my face. I can’t believe he’s never fucked me that way before. It was so hot!


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