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Took this in Fort Ann, NY.

Took this in Fort Ann, NY.

I’ve been going through some of my old articles on various blogs and publications to get some idea of who I used to be. The way I put that seems overly dramatic, but truth be told, in the past two years, my opinions have changed so much through experience, research, and conversations that I really am a different person today than I was then.

For example, there’s a woman named Lori who writes for SexIs with whom I have a lot in common. She built a bit of an audience with a series on her life as a stripper in the French Quarter, and she’s very open about her religion. Lori is Jewish, and she practices family purity, which requires a woman to immerse herself in a mikvah after her monthly cycle.

Last year, a Christian woman happened upon the idea of ritual impurity, and how it relates to the idea of “dirty menstruation”, and she submitted an article to SexIs about how sexist the practices seemed to her. Minutes after the article was live, my inbox was filled with emails expressing offense, and disappointment. Jewish women, and the people who were friends with them, felt Jewish people were being persecuted for their beliefs on a site that claimed to be based on not just tolerance, but acceptance as well. Read more…

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