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Product Review: LELO: Noir Luna Kegel Beads

March 2nd, 2013 1 comment

LELO-Luna-Beads-noir-ben-wa-ballsOoo, what’s that?
Oh, that? That’s just the Noir Luna Kegel Beads by LELO. Aren’t they elegant? And they’re functional, too. A kegel tool that looks nice enough to “forget” on your dresser, and actually works. Who could ask for anything more, right?

What’d it come in?
LELO’s stuff comes in pretty black cardboard boxes with nice paperboard boxes on the outside. The outer box, while elegantly designed, does feature images of the toy, so your toy is best kept stored in the black box or the included black satin bag if you’re worried about prying eyes. Since M and me moved, all our LELO stuff is stacked neatly on the shelf in our closet. The boxes make that a cinch.  Read more…

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