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Parting is such sweet sorrow…except when you leave a shithole.

February 17th, 2013 5 comments
Shut up, I know we need a bed skirt.

Shut up, I know we need a bed skirt.

We moved!

No, really! Look!

No more ugly blue carpet. No more ugly blue and white sponge painted walls. No more children on the other sides of thin walls and ceilings keeping us from being able to live our life how we want to. No more asshole neighbors doing everything in their power to make us miserable.

And let me tell you…it is divine.

Everything is better here. Everything.

All the walls are white and the floors are neutral tones, so we can do, literally, what ever we want when we have the money to decorate. The landlord owns a contracting company, so every tiny inch is professionally done and looks beautiful. So when we decorate, it’ll just be decorating, not trying to hide crumbling walls, and ugly paint jobs. There are a couple of dings in the wood floors from the previous tenant’s dog, but nothing you notice without staring at the floor. If we decide to stay here past the first year, we’ll probably repair it ourselves.  Read more…

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