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I entered America’s Next Author and I need your help!

November 1st, 2012 1 comment

Hi you guys!

I know. I suck. I’ve been virtually silent for…a long time, and what I have posted has been…meh, at best. I’m trying. I really am. But right now, my focus is elsewhere.

Namely, my fiction. And not (necessarily) the erotic type.

I used to write snippets all the time. I have the beginnings of a million stories stored away on this here laptop. But the other day, an author I follow tweeted about America’s Next Author, and it was like a light bulb went off. And so I put to paper a story that has been playing in my head since the weekend we spent away.

It’s science fiction, and it’s called Jake and Vera Go Up the Hill. It’s about a couple who are staying in a cabin in the woods, and the wife disappears.

And this is where I ask for your help. I can’t win this thing without your votes and reviews. So do me a solid. Read my story and vote on it. I’ll be forever in your debt.


“Vera, where’d you go?” he yelled, as he snapped a few close-ups of the stuff scattered on the ground. When she didn’t respond he stood up. “Vera! Vera, where are you?”

He waited a moment expecting her to come running back down the path laughing at his fear. “Oh, I’m sorry, were you looking for me?” she’d say, and he’d try to be mad but she’d wrap her arms around him and laugh that infectious laugh that always did him in.

There was a dark feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was as if the bottom dropped out, and someone had replaced the organ with red hot coals.

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