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Almost Caught

August 1st, 2012

He fucked me again while we were there. The whole time we were there, he’d been telling me he wanted to fuck me in the dirt like the bitch I am, and I was totally into it. But we’re not really period sex kinda people, and of course the Monthly Monster chose this week to do that annoying go-way-longer-than-any-woman’s-period-should thing it occasionally does. I mean, why not? Who wants to have vagina-penis intercourse in the woods?

Really should have taken that hint. I was Murphy’s bitch for weeks after that.

Since the day he switched me, though, I’d been walking around naked, and we were teasing each other a lot. So, naturally, when the sun finally dipped below the horizon, I found myself kneeling beside the fire with his cock in my mouth. Knowing what was still going on between my legs, I was content to just suck.

But Master said, “I want your pussy.” and the decision was made.

I turned around and bent at the waist, knowing that’s not what he wanted.

“No way. On your knees, cunt.”

So I dropped to my knees.

Master squared off behind me and plowed my bloody cunt until he was finished, all the while scratching and biting the welts from the switching.

While we were cleaning up, he asked, “Did you see our shadows? They were making some pretty interesting shapes. And they reached clear across the road.”

I told him I did not. I did not tell him I couldn’t see our shadows with my face planted on the ground. I figured it went without saying.

Minutes after we’d cleaned ourselves, but before Master had a chance to redress, a truck stopped at the end of the trail. We put out our lights, and turned off our music to listen for footsteps coming up the path. The doors opened and closed and opened and closed again and the truck drove off. And after an unnecessary trip to the car to make sure nothing was wrong, we collapsed in a fit of giggles.

There’s not much to get the blood flowing like almost being caught having dirty sex in the woods.

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