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My First Switching

July 30th, 2012 1 comment

The drive was nerve-wracking. The place is first come, first serve, and it’s the middle of summer. Surely, all of the sites would be “served,” and we’d end up driving home¬†empty-handed.

I never get nervous until we’re within half an hour of the last (most likely full) site. And the nerves are always over whether or not we’ll be able to stay, never what might happen while we’re there. I’m pretty firm in my conviction that a girl who’s stupid enough to travel out into the middle of nowhere with a man who proves the depths of his sadism again and again deserves whatever comes to her. And besides, it was only the last trip that Master started doing anything besides fucking one of my various holes while we were there.

And oh, what a trip that was.¬† Read more…

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