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Random Babble: Words of Wisdom from M

March 22nd, 2012 4 comments

The other day, I was lamenting some friends I’ve lost along the way, both in the real world and on the WWW.

Of course, there are some I’ve lost because I was a bitch, or there was just one disagreement too many. Shit happens. Disagreements are a part of life. We all fuck up. Not every personality/belief system/what have you is compatible with every other personality/belief system/what have you. The best you can hope is that you learn from it.

But there are some I’ve lost due to things completely out of my control that I, quite literally, had nothing to do with. That happens, too. It sucks, and it hurts, but you move on.

M said to me, when I was expressing the hurt, “Rayne, a real friend will stick around and work shit out. And they certainly won’t stop being your friend over something that’s out of your control. So, fuck ’em.”

Yeah. Fuck ’em. Life goes on.

And it’s so much easier when you let go of the bullshit.

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