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Excuse Me for Raining on Your “Life Sucks” Parade

February 20th, 2012 6 comments

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Something that’s kinda getting to me, lately, is the incessant need to be so damn unique.

I’m not talking about the “be your own person” people, or the folks who don’t like labels, or even those who are always telling us not to shoehorn them into our ideal. Their fanatics drive me crazy, but some of the points made by non-fanatics make sense and are grounded in reality.

No, it’s the “We’re not even remotely the same, so you can’t possibly know what I’m going through, and any attempt on your part to empathize is offensive” crowd that’s bumming me out, right now.

They’re in every age group, every race and every nationality. Every gender, class and¬†group of people with similar sexuality persuasions has a few. And their battle cries are so similar, if you took out any reference to their particular group, you’d be sure they were all fighting for the same thing.¬† Read more…

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