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Melen is strong enough to be my man.

February 8th, 2012 3 comments

I’m having a particularly difficult time with some things going on, right now. It’s not so much the events themselves, though parts of each of them (there are a few that are separate and affect different parts of my life) are sad, and awkward, and bewildering. It’s more the way the events came about, and the clusterfuck that has been left in their wake.

And of course, this shit has to happen just as that wretched beast the Monthly Monster rears her ugly head. Because why on Earth would I want to face stressful situations with a clear(er) head? That’d just be silly.

I’ve been in a straight panic since some time last week. I got a few moments of respite when I buried my head in intoxication for the weekend, but the moment sobriety returned, so did the fear. I haven’t been afraid like this in … years? Read more…

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