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All the Things I Would Have Said on @Twitter if I Wasn’t Participating in the Boycott

January 29th, 2012 6 comments

He still thinks he's a baby.

Yesterday, there was a #TwitterBlackout in protest of the censorship Twitter intends to do. They won’t be censoring our timelines, but they will be censoring those of people in countries with stricter laws and customs than ours.

I kinda get their reasoning. These countries have strict beliefs against some of the things us Americans talk about and participate in freely. But from where I sit, an American company should not be aiding and abetting the trampling of what we consider inalienable rights in other countries. If the countries want to censor the Internet, and continue to “protect” their people from us heathens, that’s fine. But make them do it themselves. It’s neither our place, nor our responsibility, to restrict what others read or talk about. Regardless of how much money someone’s making on the medium they’re using. Read more…

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