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Is Mangasm.com the ultimate site for toys that will please master?

January 10th, 2012

I will never forget the first time I was told that I was going to stimulate M’s prostate. He had done some reading on the subject, and when he learned how great the orgasms could be, he told me that I was going to be taking care of him. Of course, the first couple of times were awkward, and I was properly punished for failing, but he definitely enjoyed the experience. With a little bit of time I had learned how to use my fingers to stimulate the prostate while providing oral. But after a while, he realized that he wanted to improve the experience even more.

He told me to get online and see what I could learn. I spent a few days looking around, trying to find something that would really help us make the most out of prostate massages, and I really felt like I was up against a wall. Finally, I found Mangasm.com and I was blown away. They have so many amazing articles that help you understand how prostate massages work and how to get the most out of them. I wish I had found the site sooner, as it would have saved me a lot of time (and embarrassment, since I wasn’t pleasing master by taking so long to find all of this information).

What I really liked, though, was the different toys that they have available. With M’s permission I ordered three different toys: the rush, the voyager, and the electro. He was very pleased with my selection, and I could see an immediate improvement in the results of our prostate play. To say that he made the biggest mess that I have ever seen might be an understatement. He was so pleased, though, and I knew I had done a perfect job.

So what is it like navigating on the site? Well, it is easy to find and read through all of their articles. Knowing that they are submitted by other users who have experience with these toys really helps you feel confident in what you are reading. You can tell that these guys are really dedicated to the art of prostate stimulation. They helped me figure out which toys would be right for M, and saved me from having to explain why I ordered something that didn’t do the job correctly.

They also have a bunch of articles that help you understand how to care for your toys. Knowing that you will be able to keep a toy in good working condition for a long time helps to improve the value of the purchase. This is really impressive, especially when you consider the fact that these toys are already very reasonably priced. I couldn’t be happier with the value that they have provided, and master was impressed to see that I was able to get three toys within the budget he allotted for just one. He was so happy that he strapped a Hitachi Magic wand on me and let me experience continuous orgasms for about an hour straight.

If you want to shop at a store that provides good prices, easy navigation, and discreet shipping, then I can’t recommend anything over Mangasm.com. Of course, if you want to learn everything there is to know about prostate stimulation, then this really is the best site out there for that, too.

Take the time to get permission to browse the site and please your master in the most intense way he will ever experience, and you will be rewarded just like I was.

post written and sponsored by Mangasm.com

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