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Have a Bowl of Mind Fuck

December 23rd, 2011

M’s fucking with my head, I think. It’s hard to tell with him. He’s so good at it that sometimes what seems like an ordinary interaction on the surface is really a gentle push in the direction of a trap he’s set for me somewhere in my mind. Hell, just the fact that I know that is half the fun. It keeps me on my toes. Always aware of my surroundings. Constantly questioning his motives. In my mind and while obeying him if he’s telling me to do something. Most of the time. I still have a bad habit of asking why he wants me to do something if I can’t figure out a single logical reason for it or if I think there’s a better way of doing what I think he wants accomplished.

Once in awhile, my inability to see the point (as if it matters at all what the point is) is caused by me trying to guess his motives and missing the mark. Most often it’s just that I’ve misunderstood him. Though we both only speak English, we learned the language in different areas, at different times, from different people with different heritages. And he’s a tech geek. You wouldn’t think it would matter, but sometimes it does. 

I don’t expect him to answer, mind, and I know I’m not entitled to an explanation. I just can’t resist asking.

He’s let me get pretty sassy over the past six months or so. Jokes that used to get me in trouble for being disrespectful were brushed off and/or laughed at. All part of the game. Let me get full of myself. Get comfortable with the slack in my leash.

And then…

When I least expect it and I’m disastrously distracted…

Pull up hard, sit back and enjoy the emotion rodeo.

It starts with various levels of shock. I’m confused for a minute. If I was particularly distracted at the moment he jerked me back to reality, I’ll miss key signals in his tone and body language and say something smart. And that’s it. The trap is sprung and the only way out is the way I came, where he’s waiting for me.

Next, I get all butthurt. Why would he do this to me? Doesn’t he love me? Just two days ago, I cracked the very same joke and he laughed, but now it’s a problem?

Then I get mad. I mean, him just changing the rules like that isn’t fair. Just cause I gave him the right doesn’t mean he really should.

And finally it dawns on me that despite the fact that he does often gracefully laugh off most jokes I crack at his expense, he has always felt that there are just some things you don’t say about your owner, even in jest.

Someone once told me, “Things like that don’t bother most people.”

Other people have called him arrogant and made comments about his “inability to handle criticism,” but the reality is in his mind it’s a matter of respect. Whether or not others share his point of view isn’t important. All that matters is that I adhere to his wishes.

The other day, M told me to do something. I don’t remember what it was. I just remember I stood up to do it, turned just enough to look him square in the eye and said, “No.” Then I giggled and continued on my quest to do as I was told.

I expected him to glare and then turn back to what he was doing. Instead, he stood up and slapped my shoulder. Emotion rodeo. And then a wet pussy.

“You’re pushing your luck,” he said.

“Maybe that’s the point,” I said.

“That’s not good,” he said.

“Maybe you should do something about it,” I said, and I pressed my naked breasts against his mostly clothed body.

“Maybe I’ll take you out in the woods and whip you,” he said, challenge in his voice.

“It’s cold!”

“So? Your nipples will be hard.”

“And it’ll hurt more!”

“I don’t understand the problem.”

Good lord, I’m in deep. If I could get him to look the other way for just ten seconds … shit. Who am I kidding? I’ll just brush up against him on purpose to see what he does when he gets his hands on me. And then, when he pulls my head back and slaps my face, I’ll grind my pussy against whatever part of his body is closest. I’ll pretend to fight but we both know even when I try I can’t get away. It’s just fun to poke the bear.

Now I’m horny. I wonder if the bear’s in the mood to play.


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  1. December 29th, 2011 at 21:18 | #1

    Rayne: Have a Bowl of Mind Fuck: M’s fucking with my head, I think. It’s hard to tell with him. He’s so g… http://t.co/wwUi6Ddf #slave

  2. February 20th, 2012 at 20:13 | #3

    @kaya Mother fucker. And I can’t even comment to tell her what a douche she is.

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