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Thanksgiving and the Weekend

November 28th, 2011

This weekend fucking rocked.

On Thanksgiving, we hung out at the house. He cooked most of the meal, but I helped some. Of course, I made the cranberry sauce. He teased me all. fucking. day. Such a tease. But there’s not much better in the world than being teased. Except cooking with your lover while drinking some really amazing Sangria.

We watched football. M’s not really a sports guy. He used to watch football and play some football game on Play Station with a friend of His, but He’s never really been a die-hard fan.

I love football. I was raised on football. My dad’s a die-hard Cowboys fan from Texas. I spent a good bit of time in NOLA. Who dat?! 

I was a cheerleader when I was a kid. I marched in various halftime shows. I’ve played multiple different fight songs for multiple different schools. I love football.

But I’m not a die-hard fan, either. I love the Saints but until recently they weren’t very good, so I didn’t really care who won or lost. I’d root for the Cowboys if they were on, cause they’re my dad’s team. I’d root for the Eagles if they were on (and not playing the Cowboys – If they were playing the Cowboys I, diplomatically, stayed out of it. I was not going to be the one to pit my father against my grandfather in their favorite pastime.) cause they’re my grandfather’s team. When we lived in Virginia, I made my father crazy rooting f the Redskins when they weren’t playing the Cowboys. But my Saints are currently 7-3, which makes me all sorts of giddy inside, and, oddly, a little horny. My team’s doing well! That’s fan-fucking-tastic.

Oh no. They’ve drawn me in. F’ing men.

So when M announced that we were watching the Cowboys on Thanksgiving I was ecstatic. And I spent the game texting my dad (who was watching from the end zone!) while trying to simultaneously watch the game and seduce my husband.

Friday, I had to work, but the second I logged off for the day, we started partying. It was late when we crawled into bed, and we were hungover in the morning. But we still carried our asses down to the Thanksgiving Hangover held by Q103.

Fucking awesome. So glad we did that even though we were falling asleep when we walked through the door. That didn’t last long. The other concertgoers were rather generous. Pipebomb kicked ass. Egypt Central was amazing. And Staind … I probably don’t have to tell you how good they were.

I’d never heard Pipebomb before, and I’d only ever heard Egypt Central’s White Rabbit. They’re phenomenal. M and I are making plans to put together money to go see Pipebomb locally.

We had floor seats (read: no actual seats and standing three people away from the stage) and spent a good bit of time shooting the shit with the people around us. This is kinda a big deal for M and me. We don’t do these kinds of things. Though not for lack of want. More because we usually don’t have the money. The show was only $60 for the both of us.

One of the guys from Pipebomb hugged me. That was pretty cool.

Through all this, M is still teasing me. Dirty fucker. We may have had sex a time or two, or I coulda dreamed that. There was a lot of alcohol involved. I’ve sort of lost track of the days.

The past week or so, He’s been adamant about no clothes in the house. I dunno what’s with me, lately, but I’m uncomfortable about it. Maybe because I’ve regained some of the weight I lost. As if a couple pounds really matters all that much.

He says we’re going to get our tree tomorrow. Today, He rearranged the living room to find a place for it. Excited!

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