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Can M Find Great Toys for You on Ladygasm.com? Yes, He Absolutely Can!

November 21st, 2011

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Ladygasm.com.

Over the years, I have tried to do everything I can to make life as easy as possible for my M. Of course, this means submitting myself in a number of ways, and I am sure that you can understand the sheer joy of a job well done. One of the things that I really like doing is finding great toys that he can use during our special moments. Even though I exist only to please him, he really enjoys seeing me get off in the most creative ways possible. One of the sites I have recently found that provides some great toys and tips is Ladygasm.com

This isn’t your usual online sex toy shop. They feature only the best toys, as well as a number of articles that will help you learn to put them to use. One of the things that Master is really into is tying me up. And when we found the surprise turbo Hitachi magic wand, he combined it with some unique knots that put me into sheer ecstasy. It was really great having him tie the toy up in a way where it stimulated me non-stop, and he had a great time sitting there watching me squirm while the toy drove me to orgasm again and again.

One of the things that we both really appreciate about the site is the discreet shipping. As you know, it can be important to keep your submissive relationship under wraps. If you receive a lot of packages that are clearly indicated as adult toys, the mail person might get suspicious. And we all know just how nosy the mail delivery people can be! When you are getting a new toy every week, you want to keep it as quiet as possible, and the discreet shipping provided by Ladygasm shows that they really understand this.

They have a couple of really great ultra realistic toys that are nice for Master to use on me, too. Sometimes he just doesn’t have the time to give me what he wants to, and having the Ladygasm Brian around provides a great opportunity for him to challenge me. When I am able to make all eight inches disappear he gets a look on his face that shows me just how satisfied he really is. Since it is an ultra realistic toy molded from a real guy, it doesn’t feel much different than having the real thing, which is also pretty nice.

So, what about those articles I mentioned? They have a couple on the site that are specifically written for people already involved in BSDM, or those who are looking to experience it on their own. They are written from the perspective of a male or female dominant, and they will give you a lot of good tips. The article on safe words really helps those who are trying to understand how to take their domination fantasies to the highest possible level of realism.

If you are looking for some new toys, then you really have to take the time to browse around their site. They cut out all of the fluff and only offer the best toys that you could ever want. It’s a lot better than wasting your time on a lot of the other sites out there that provide dozens of options that are virtually identical. Of course, you don’t have to check out the site, and you should definitely check with M before you do. But once you are on there, you are going to find it hard to not place an order.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Ladygasm.com.

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