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All the best bloggy thoughts come when I’m drunk and leave when I’m sober. I think.

September 10th, 2011 3 comments

I’m already slacking on my three blogs a week goal. In my defense, I started this yesterday and got too drunk to finish it. This week has been hectic. What can I say?

M’s point is always in His pants, these days. There’s a reason for that. He says that when I was fully in the mindset of sexual property I was happy. And He’s right.

The other day, He ripped me up by the hair and dragged me into the bedroom. Or pushed, rather. Bent me over the bed and fucked me while beating me with the Studded Paddle. I fear I’m out of practice. I first thought it was the Oak Paddle I (love to) hate, and then I realized it was too soft for that. So I thought maybe it was the Maui Kink paddle, but it wasn’t. I don’t think I figured it out until it was over.

“It was over.” Like I didn’t love every second.

Master is an insane sadist. Okay, He’s too responsible to be insane. But He would like to occasionally be able to not care how much pain He causes me. I mean, occasionally I’m loud. I don’t know our neighbors well enough to say whether or not they would report us, but it’s always a concern.

We need another “closest person’s half a mile away” camping trip. In the next couple of months, probably. As soon as we can get the clothes we need for chilly nights. Suddenly I understand the draw of Twisted Tryst now more than ever. We need an east coast version, for sure.

I had all sorts of stuff to say when I was drunk. Today, it’s not really coming. That’s okay. I need to go shower so we can go for a walk anyway. I’ll try to have something interesting to talk about tomorrow. =D

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