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Getting Fit: Series Reset – Week 1

September 2nd, 2011

It’s not really week one. It’s technically something like month three. But for the purposes of this series, and because we’re once again upping the ante, it’s week one.

The Physical:

We bought an elliptical. Jesus Christ, do my thighs hurt.

Starting today, our new exercise regime, as per Master, is at least ten minutes of the elliptical (until we get used to it – We figure it’s better to start slow and minimize the risk of injury.) in the morning before work, and a walk at lunch. Generally speaking, we have lunch at our desk when we get home. It’s really hard to eat and type. I usually spend that time working on something I can just read.

Master’s been counting his calories. I was for a while, but once I started to get an idea of what the things we eat contain, I noticed I really don’t have to. I mean, yeah, I can’t tell you exactly how many calories I’ve taken in. But I can tell you if I’m close to my daily limit. And really, that’s all that matters.

Master has also been drinking water! This is huge. He used only drink soda. Ever.

I’ve lost 11lbs. Master’s lost 15lbs.

The Mental:

We’ve been making sure to take time off each day. Does that count?

The Financial:

We’re not doing as well as we hoped, but we’re doing better than we expected. We’ve actually been able to buy things we wanted on top of paying the bills instead of ignoring the bills in favor of having something we want. That’s pretty cool.

The Household:

I do dishes every day. That’s… about it. Oh, and, you know, take care of the pets. But that’s not so much a chore as a joy. Except feeding Bash. He damn near kills me every morning weaving between my feet.

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