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Blogging Challenge and Forgetfulness

September 1st, 2011

I have a horrible habit of deciding to do something, and forgetting about it five seconds later. When I lived in Whitehall, a slip like that usually elicited a joking “Pothead!” from friends and family members. However, this is not something that developed with my substance abuse. Even in elementary school, I was good at memorizing things (speeches, a part in a play, etc.) until I had to use them, and then they were gone. And with that was the constant forgetfulness.

Eh, I guess forgetfulness isn’t the right word. A better description would be “sidetracked”. Once I’m sidetracked, what I was planning on doing is gone until I think of it again in passing.

I’ve been considering a blogging challenge for myself because it’s been months since I’ve blogged regularly. Thing is, I’ve had this post rattling around in my head for two weeks, at least, and I just can’t force myself to put it on the screen. I thought maybe putting it on SubGuide or EdenCafe would make me feel better about it, but that’s not working either. Instead, I’m stirring shit about drunk hookers.

Normally, I’d be all “Oh well. I guess I’m not ready.” But I need to be ready. Maybe tomorrow. Shut up. I am not Scarlett O’Hara.

In any case, I’m gonna try to blog three times a week for the next month. It might just be something short. It might be a novel of insecurities. Who knows? If it works, I’ll up it. If it doesn’t… Well, I warned ya. 😛

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