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More Relationship Wisdom from Dr. John Michael Dorian … And Surprise Butt Secks

August 20th, 2011


Things have been insane the past couple weeks, to say the least.

It’s no secret that I have mental health issues. They are exacerbated by changes in pretty much everything. Usually more exercise, sleep and at least snacking a few times a day if I don’t eat three meals helps. The past few months we’ve just had to weather the storm and hope things come out all right in the end. Especially around my period. This is nothing new, either. We just went a really long time without having to really deal with it. A long time for us, anyway.

There’s a lot of other stuff going on, too. Stress doesn’t begin to describe what we’re dealing with.

We went camping this week. It had been three years. It was amazing.

We climbed a mountain. It was only a mile and a half, and the climb wasn’t so bad. The way down nearly broke my feet, I think. You know how sometimes a ballet dancer’s toenails split from pressure? Yeah, one of mine did. We’ve done some research and some more hiking since then with the knowledge and I haven’t had a problem since beyond residual pain from the initial injury. We’re going to pick up some arch support inserts for me, though. The shoes we bought don’t have nearly enough.

We had our garbage tied in a tree at about the level of my forehead. Which only matters when I tell you that it was tied in the tree to which Master tied me the night before our climb. I stood there, naked but for my flipflops, with the bag of garbage bouncing off my forehead while He whipped me with all the might He could muster with the Kangaroo Flogger and then fucked my ass. Made me bend over and spread my legs and hold myself up without the use of my hands while He fucked my ass.

I wish I could say I have the core muscles required to have just stood there while he thrust into me. I don’t. I finally fell forward and prayed the tree wouldn’t destroy my shoulder.

Later, He fucked my tits and came all over them.

Both times I wished my pussy was free for use.

No one’s under any delusion that a beating and surprise butt secks are gonna fix our issues. We’re going to have to do that ourselves.

We were watching Scrubs the other day, and JD did a monologue about what separates the couples who’re meant to be together and the couples who aren’t. He says part of it is their willingness and ability to work on their issues. I agree with that.

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