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Our day in a word? Perfect.

July 31st, 2011

So I was instructed to write about our day. Like I wouldn’t have anyway. Silly Master.

We’d talked about going to Denny’s for breakfast but it’s Sunday and Denny’s is the place to be on Sunday. Especially a brand new Denny’s in a poor neighborhood with at least ten nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior apartment complexes within a ten minute drive at ten miles under the speed limit. So instead, we popped into a Dunkin Donuts and grabbed some breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Then we hit the road for some of our favorite places up north, singing and talking along the way.

First we wanted to go to the waterfall we went to the first week we were together. we were thwarted by a “Road Closed” sign that’s always there. I didn’t remember until we were on the way to Saratoga Battlefields. So we went to Ascension Stone (which they call Ascension Rock, but everyone I know calls it Ascension Stone) instead. It’s by the William Miller Chapel in Fairhaven, Vermont. Master didn’t trust me to remember how to get there since it had been quite a long time.

We made the mistake of getting off 87 at Lake George on a sublimely beautiful day and were momentarily snarled in shopping traffic. But then we went up the road we take to go to camp and eventually traffic trickled down to almost none. Everyone’s trying to get into Lake George at noon. No one wants to leave till late evening.

We took 4 the rest of the way to Vermont. Some of it’s just fields and mountains. A lot of it, actually. Just… gorgeous.

It was pretty much empty. You have to call the caretaker for a tour, and we always forget that part. So we’re going to make an appointment sometime in the near future. We wandered on the bald rock for a while, then walked in the woods. But that bare rock attracts sun like it’s nobody’s business, so it was like an oven! We finally surrendered and left. We drove back a different way than we came and I realized I knew exactly where I was going, but I probably would have guessed which way to go at the fork correctly only because I tend to go right when I’m not sure. And I missed the turn on the way back. I always miss the turn on the way back.

We turned around and made the turn and stopped to get gas back in Whitehall. Somewhere between Whitehall and Flubbs, there’s a huge farm stand. So we stopped and got lunch. Fruit and pure maple candy. And then we continued to Route 30. That was the extent of his planning.

“There are all sorts of places to hike around here.” He said. And I believe Him. But we didn’t find them.

Instead we found Hubbardton Battlefield. It was awesome. A million butterflies, and a nice short walk. Master injured His ankle playing volleyball yesterday, so we’re trying to stay active without making it worse.

The energy there is much different than it is at Saratoga Battlefield. Peaceful. Master and I giggled the whole way around the battlefield. Mostly at the butterflies. When we were finished, we bought Master a ball cap from the gift shop. It’s absolutely adorable on him. And I grabbed a basket weaving kit for myself. There are a lot of events there, so we’re planning on attending some of them.

We tried to go to Saratoga Battlefield. On the way in, Master saw an owl fly over the road and showed me. But the park was closed. We might go next weekend.

We went to the cemetery instead. On the road up, we saw a blue heron. Master was going to try to take pictures but it flew away when He shut the car door. We’re going to have to go up and sit there for a while and see if he lands there again. There are a crazy amount of other birds there too! Finches and jays and some kind of bird I’ve never seen before.

Master took pictures of some of the memorials and the graves for MIAs and such. He’s still getting over that whole “If’ you’re gonna take pictures in public, people are gonna look.” thing. Especially in a cemetery.

When we left there, we took 4 down to Fort Edward. Made more sense than trying to fight rush hour traffic in Lake George. I announced that I was hungry and Master said, “Let’s stop at that hotdog place.”

The Dog Shack. Best hotdogs ever excluding those from a charcoal grill or the ballpark. Especially if you put cheese on ’em. Then we took 4 to 9 to 7 to the back roads home. If you’re ever looking for a nice drive, that’s definitely one.

Master wanted to change. We were going to pop off to Starbucks. But when we got there, walking home was our favorite employee who’s in the planning phase of a number of microfarms that will be not for profit and sell their organic foods at cost, which he figures to be about $0.89 a pound for everything. I hope he can make it work. It sounds insanely low.

So He stopped at Bumpys. I’ve never been there before. I got Moose Tracks. It was good. The chocolate sprinkles on the chocolate dipped waffle cones suck balls, though. I couldn’t finish it!

We’re burnt. We’re tired. And we’re getting ready for bed.

I’m probably forgetting stuff.


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  1. August 1st, 2011 at 07:59 | #1

    Sounds like a wonderful day Rayne!

  2. August 1st, 2011 at 15:21 | #2

    @ lunaKM It was. We had a blast.

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