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  • I emailed my ex’s ex-wife today. Said some things I needed to get off my chest. Nothing I’ll regret. Just things I needed her to know. It was both one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and a huge load off my chest.
  • We’ve been driving as far away from home as we can get before we have to turn around in different directions every weekend. Thankfully, the new car is good on gas.
  • There isn’t much love left between Schenectady and me.
  • Some assholes shot off fireworks on our brand new (to us) car. It doesn’t look like there’s too much damage, thankfully.
  • The kitten may be going through puberty. I may need to get off my ass and find out about getting him neutered.
  • Master makes me kneel before bed every night. There have been no exceptions.
  • Since watching the episode of Scrubs where Perry insists (and fails) on everyone leaving him alone for 20 minutes of “me time” for the 587th time, we’ve been making sure we take at least twenty minutes for ourselves each day. It wasn’t a conscious decision.
  • We exercise at the very least three times a week. We talked about raising that number today. We’ve begun to notice an increase in our stamina but other than that, the results have been rather disheartening. Master says we’re not yet to a point where we should worry about how things are going, but we’re thinking of doing more anyway.
  • We drove to the Catskills on the 4th. I’ve never been there before. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We drove through Catskill (the town) and I have to say the cats painted to match the places they’re near are just too much. I giggled the whole way through town. People must’ve thought I was insane. (To which Master would reply, “The giggling wouldn’t be the only thing that tipped them off.”)
  • We stopped at a waterfall that, surprisingly, had no people visiting it, so Master could take pictures and two guys on motorcycles who previously looked like they weren’t going to stop slammed on their brakes and pulled in where we were. When we passed them on the way back to the car, the one had the strangest look on his face. Either he knew me or he wanted to eat me. That last is open to interpretation. And it wasn’t just me who thought that! I didn’t say anything till Master mentioned it.
  • If you are that man, I mean no offense. Maybe you were flashing us a very nice smile and we were just too focused on our adventure to see that. Maybe you do, in face, know me from this here blog, or from Twitter, or something, and you somehow recognized me from the road. In that case, please introduce yourself next time. Depending on Master’s mood that day and who’s around (and your smile), we’ll either pretend not to know what you’re talking about, or greet you warmly.
  • Today we went to Peebles Island. It seems to have gotten increasingly more popular since we last hiked there. I wonder if it’s all the bodies they’ve found there.
  • Who am I kidding? Of course it’s all the bodies they’ve found there.
  • I may have almost accidentally killed Master on Peebles Island. I didn’t realize how hot it was outside or how direct the sunlight was in the spot I chose to sit and watch the… whatever that is that goes around Peebles Island. The canal? The river? I always forget. Anyway, we didn’t bring enough to drink because we didn’t remember the island being so big. We’re pretty sure he at least ended up with heat exhaustion. He’s still feeling kinda icky. Suckage. Won’t do that again.
  • In my defense, it was almost cool under the trees.
  • We do this at least once a summer. Overdo something.
  • We’ve been keeping notes on interesting looking places on our adventures to visit when we have money for the entrance fee. We’ve also been looking for a nice hotel or bed and breakfast we can afford. Most are nothing special but almost all of them are several steps up from anything in Schenectady. Which, I mean, whatever. The intent is to get away from the city, not stay in some five star.
  • I can’t tell you how many abandoned hotels we’ve driven by. Upstate New York doesn’t appear to be doing well.
  • Speaking of abandoned buildings, the number of abandoned churches and churches for sale we’ve driven past makes me sad. There could be a million reasons, and all of them are disheartening. While I’m not a churchgoer myself, for some reason the idea that the country (or at least the state) seems to be losing its faith bothers me.
  • The abandoned government buildings piss me off. If they’re not going to do something with them, they should let someone else. Or take them down for Christ’s sake, and use the land for something that will benefit the community, and not be an eyesore. Or a deathtrap, for that matter.
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