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Sometimes Things Just… Click

June 17th, 2011

We went to lunch today with the intention of cashing M’s check and dropping his pay stub off at a local car dealership for preapproval for a lease. We were gonna pop by the dealership some time next week and look at a car. We expected it to take a couple days to hear back.

When we walked into the dealership, it was empty. We asked for the guy M had spoken with on the phone, and were pointed to his desk. He took the pay stub and M’s license and walked to the finance office. A few minutes later, he came back and said, “Ya ready to pick a car?”

Uh… yeah?!

So we strolled the aisles and settled on a cute little black car. It’s got a couple scratches, so we’re gonna pick up some touch-up paint after we pick up the car.

The next hurdle was insurance, so we walked down the road to this little office with three desks and a woman with flowers on the ends of her pens. She was so insanely nice. And within 20 minutes, we were on our way out the do or with our insurance cards in our hand.

We pick it up on Tuesday. It’s covered by warranty so we’re going to take it to our mechanic. Make sure there’s nothing major wrong with it.

Next weekend? We’re gone. Who the fuck knows where. Just not here. I cannot wait. Pine trees here we come. ~blissful sigh~ God, how I’ve missed you.

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