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And this, and that, and this.

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The monthly round up of shit I did on other people’s websites will be along shortly. I’m rather behind in my writing because I’m a slacker. No, that’s not true. I’m behind because I’ve got so much writing to do, and I’m trying to make sure I’m taking time away. It’s not working out so well. A little time on Saturdays is about it.

We have a new neighbor, and he has got to be the most bizarre person I’ve ever met. Though when I say “met”, I mean it in the loosest term of the word. As I was walking in, He came out the front door to look through the window, though why is anyone’s guess since he has windows facing the front of the house from which you can see more of the road. I know because our front windows are directly above his, and at one point in time, I actually liked one of the people who lived beneath us. For about five minutes. The new neighbor was on the phone, but he was nice enough to say hello, rather than ignore me.  Read more…