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Product Review: Zeppelin Cocoon by @Liberator

February 5th, 2011

Ooo, what’s that?

Pretty much we’ve died and gone to Liberator heaven. M and me, I mean. I’m sitting here at a complete loss for words.

You’ve heard me talking about it on Twitter and FetLife. You’ve seen pictures of my brat cat laying on it. And if you’re super lucky, I’ve linked you to the product page a hundred times. We’re just totally in love with this thing. So in love with it, in fact, that we’re seriously considering trading our bed in for one of the larger versions. That’s no joke.

It’s the Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon, and it is, hands down, my favorite Liberator piece so far.

What’d it come in?

Just like the rest of the Liberator shapes we have, the Cocoon came in a giant brown cardboard box. The foam was all vacuum-sealed up in two big, hard cubes, inside clear plastic bags (2 each), and the kind of packing tape that has string in it. And both covers were in clear plastic bags. There were instructions, and there might have been one of those Position Guide Flipbooks, but I was so excited about the Cocoon, that I didn’t pay much attention to anything that wasn’t part of assembling it.

My UPS guy commented on it, saying it couldn’t be sex toys anymore (a toy from Cal Exotics came via UPS and said “California Exotics Novelties” on the label). When I told him it was sex furniture he turned red, and got in the truck. ~snicker~

How’s it made?

The Cocoon is about six feet in diameter, and a foot thick when laid flat, and it reminds me of a UFO. I’m not kidding. It’s a ginormous circle. And because of the color I picked, mine’s a ginormous GRAY circle. So it looks even more like a UFO.

It comes with a giant olive nylon ripstop bag that holds the foam. It’s super durable, water resistant, and keeps the foam moisture free. The zipper’s tab is removable to lock it in place. And it runs along one of the flat sides of the bag, rather than the side, so if you have to get in there and move stuff around, for some reason, you don’t have to worry about things spilling out.

The outer cover comes in microfiber, microsuede and a premium fabric called “pebble”. We decided to go with the microsuede because Cara’s occasionally a little clawsy, and I really don’t want her to destroy it. I figure she’ll have a harder time ripping microsuede. Turns out, this really doesn’t much matter, cause Cara hates our new fuzzy wolf blanket. So as long as we keep the fuzzy wolf blanket on the Cocoon when she’s being a spas, she stays off it. Which works out for us, because we’re both suddenly addicted to the new fuzzy wolf blanket.

I never hid the fact that we are bizarre.

The foam is a 10% soy, furniture-grade polyurethane. And rest assured, Liberator is not creating new foam to chop up and stuff these ginormous comfy nests with. Nay, they are using the leftovers from all the other shapes they create and sell. How cool is that?

Assembly is a snap. Just put the cubes inside the inner lining, and unwrap each tab in order by number. While I’m sure it’s not necessary for proper rising, it is necessary in that if you don’t, you won’t be able to get the tape to unwrap. Take off the bags, and zip up the inner liner. Then let it rise 24 hours to a full week, depending on your foam. DO NOT break it up before 24 hours is up. Doing so could damage the foam, and prevent proper rising. When it’s finished, put the outer cover on and roll it around to fluff it.

Do not answer the phone when your landlord calls while you’re rolling the Cocoon. He will ask you why you’re breathing heavy, and he won’t believe you when you tell him what you’re doing.

What’s it for?

Supporting you and/or your lover while sitting, laying, cuddling, sexing… You name it, you can do it on this awesome over-sized beanbag chair. Lay it flat, and use it as a crash pad, to just lay on, or cuddle on, or whatever. Put it up on its side, and make a sort of hammock out of it. Squish it into a chair big enough to fit M and me. Or just use it like you would any old beanbag chair. This thing works in a million ways.

For example, a cat bed. Cara likes this thing almost as much as she likes the Flip Ramp. The Flip Ramp only wins because it puts her at eye level with her gerbil show.

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
extremely comfortable
super soft
feels like cuddling in
a nest
supports all your curves
GREAT for doggy-style
fits two or more people
can be molded into
a chair, of sorts
builds up insane
amounts of static

There’s no way I’ll do this Liberator shape justice. It’s just not possible.

M and I have sex on this thing more than we do on our bed. He says it cradles his hips, knees, and back in such a way that the extra support relieves most of the chronic pain he deals with. We lay on it pretty regularly. Throughout the day, if we need a break away from our computers, we lay on the Cocoon. If we’re watching TV, and we’re not eating, we lay on the Cocoon. If we just want to cuddle, we lay on the Cocoon.

His new favorite thing to do is to yank me out of my chair, rip my pants off, if I’m wearing any, and toss me onto the Cocoon for a quick roll in the hay. That’s tons of fun. For serious.

I’ve seen videos of this mystical miracle bag being molded into a chair for two, but thus far, M’s content to pile up pillows against the loveseat, lay on the Cocoon, and cover up with a blanket.

How fluffy this bag is depends on how often you move it. The air does eventually go out of it, and you have to fluff it a bit, but it usually happens after you’ve been sitting on it in the same position for a while. Days, even. That’s normal for beanbag chairs of all materials, shapes and sizes. The easiest way to alleviate this would be to put more foam in the bag, but then you run the risk of it being overstuffed, and either busting a seam, or being too firm. Personally, I think the amount of foam it has is perfect.

M has said a thousand times that I should mention the static electricity this thing has built up. That’s actually normal for beanbag chairs, too. Probably, I’ll buy a box of Bounce sheets, because they seem to work the best for this type of thing, and stuff a sheet or two between the two covers. That should help some. Not to mention, it’ll keep the bag smelling fresh. But in the meantime, we always make sure to touch something metal to discharge any static that was transferred to us before touching our electronics. M says if you don’t it could be problematic.

This thing is the best thing that’s ever happened to our living room. We’ve even discussed how we’d fit another one in here if we threw out the loveseat.

Anything else I should know?

Don’t use the Cocoon without its outer cover, and you’ll never have to wash the inner one. But if you should somehow spill something on the inner cover, it should wipe up with a damp cloth, no problem. Allow the spot to dry before replacing the cover.

Microsuede can either be washed on the gentle cycle and tumble dried on cold, or hand washed, and hung to dry.

Thanks, Liberator!

Where’d ya get it?

Liberator sent me the Zeppelin Cocoon in exchange for an honest review.  Liberator is the leading manufacturer of sex furniture and shapes.  A full service online sex shop, they also sell top of the line sex toys, Liberator Latex Couture and Liberator Lingerie, role-play gear, naughty bedding for the boudoir, books and DVDs, and products for the body and mind.  Liberator is truly a quality company, with quality products, aiding people of all shapes, sizes, and physical conditions to find ways to spice up their love life, and ease their ability to connect on a sexual level in comfort.

  1. February 5th, 2011 at 22:23 | #1


    Ahem. That is all.

    NK x

  2. Kindred
    February 6th, 2011 at 08:11 | #2

    Stop it! Seriously, just stop it! Can you make me want this damn thing any more than I already do?

  3. February 6th, 2011 at 11:54 | #3

    @ Nymphetamine Kiss It’s awesome, right? We need another one. ~nods~

    @ Kindred I probably could. Lol.

  4. February 8th, 2011 at 10:22 | #4

    Oooohhh… I really like the color! And the picture with Cara is so freaking cute! She’s got the look my cats get sometimes, all ‘What? Pffft, this is mine. I don’t know what your problem is!’

    I like the pics you took of the foam growing and changing shape, sort of like a ‘Lifecycle of the Liberator Cocoon’ montage that helps people like me that would go ‘Is it supposed to look like that? I don’t think it’s ever going to fluff out!’

  5. February 8th, 2011 at 14:49 | #5

    @ Angel deSanguine M kept saying, “You should, like… fluff it some, or something. It looks funny.” and I was like, “The directions say don’t. It says it’ll kill the cells or some shit.” and He didn’t believe me, so I went and got the directions to show Him. O.o

    But even after the first 24 hours, it may be a little square looking. I’d say test a small part of the foam to see if it breaks up easily, and if it doesn’t, let it rise some more. I probably should have put that in the review.

  6. February 11th, 2011 at 23:35 | #6

    This thing looks amazing. You’ve been teasing me with all these Liberator goodies! I have no space, not even a closet. Once I move… I’ll have to start knocking these off my wishlist. Waiting for my Heart Wedge to arrive next week!

  7. February 12th, 2011 at 02:35 | #7

    I wish I had the room for this, and the budget. It looks so fabulous.

  8. February 17th, 2011 at 10:42 | #8

    In the setup pictures, I can’t help but think it looks like someone is hiding in there because it is so lumpy. It’s awesome how the foam fluffs, isn’t it? (BTW, that would be an awesome trick to play on someone–attack of the killer beanbag!)

  9. February 17th, 2011 at 16:06 | #9

    @ Misfit Momma aka Missy You totally should. It’s so worth the money and lack of space. We absolutely love this thing. Best thing that’s happened to our sex life since M’s penis.

    @ Kit OConnell It IS fabulous. I’m so glad we decided we didn’t care about how much space it takes up. We love it.

    @ Cassandra Haha, it kinda does, doesn’t it? And yeah… the foam fluffing was awesome to watch. It was like the blob was taking over our living room. When we got up in the morning, we had to move it to get to our desk. Lol.

  10. Maria V.
    January 11th, 2013 at 23:57 | #10

    Wow! This looks amazing! Abnd, your review is so thorough! I do have one question: how much did the shipping package weigh? I know the product is around 50 lbs once it is all set up! 🙂 Thanks!

  11. January 12th, 2013 at 20:26 | #11

    @Maria V. Thanks! Shipping weight’s about the same. There’s almost no packaging to speak of.

  12. NePlusUltra
    January 31st, 2013 at 02:23 | #12

    Excellent review! I’m considering getting this! Since you own both this and the wedge/ramp combo, how do you think they compare to each other? Do you prefer one over the other? Is one better for some positions? If you HAD to have only one of them, which would it be?! So curious! Thanks for the review and insights!

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