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Rayne’s Giveaway Answers

February 1st, 2011

K2theF asked:

When did you first realize you wanted to be a slave?

I honestly don’t know the answer to this question. I know I had some idea at a very young age. I knew I like to be controlled in the bedroom, and that pain really turns me on. But I’m not sure I knew I wanted to be a slave, per se, until I met Master and had been with Him for a while.

When you’re home alone and horny, what do you do in preparation for Melen’s return?

I’m rarely ever home alone, anymore. We both work from home. Generally speaking, though, when I was home alone and horny, Master found things to make me do to myself. Like a plug, or clamps, or… whatever.

Do you and Melen do any anal play on him? (pegging, prostate stimulation during a blowjob, etc.) I’m into it, but it’s a turn off for my girlfriend because she sees it as me giving up control. I just like it because it feels good, not because I want to be submissive! Any advice?

When Master was with His ex-wife, she randomly decided to shove a finger up His ass without warning, or lube, or any sort of preparation. She told Him she read in a magazine that guys really liked it. He didn’t.

I’ve been trying to talk Master into easing into prostate stimulation, and such, “the right way” to see if maybe it was the situation, and not the act. However, He, like your girlfriend, sees receiving anal penetration of any sort as a submissive gesture, and hasn’t yet been able to wrap His head around the potential.

For me, though, giving anal penetration is the ultimate act of submission. I HATE being the giver when it comes to anal play. I don’t know if this is due to past experience (my ex used to force me to penetrate him anally with various objects), or if I’m just not that into it. So doing this, for me, would be all about pleasing Him, and not me being in control. Besides, unlike His ex-wife, I wouldn’t want to be in control of the situation. I’d put Him in total control by asking how it felt, and if I should be doing something different, and the like.

Maybe discuss that with your girlfriend. Point out to her that because she’d be doing it to please you, and not to control you, it’s not a dominant act, but a very submissive one. Hope this helps!

Venus asked:

Was being a slave/having a master something you were always looking for in a relationship, or was it something you two grew into together?

Master’s always been interested in being the one in control of His romantic partners.

Me? I always knew I enjoyed kinky sex, but I’m not sure I understood the depths of my submissive nature until I met Him, and was able to be immersed in it.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully somewhere warm. Definitely with Master. And maybe, if I get over this confounded fear of success, a published author.

macho99 asked:

What’s your take on food sex? Like bringing food into sex.

Ew. Seriously. I don’t begrudge anyone else their interest in it, but for me, sex + food = grody.

Lucid Obsession asked:

How much do you love your cocoon so far?

If I have to answer this question, you haven’t been paying attention. 😛

Selective Sensualist asked:

If you could max out your credit card anywhere and know that a secret benefactor would pay it off completely, where would you go shopping? You can only choose one store.

As pathetic as it sounds, and as much as they suck, my answer has to be a WalMart Super Center. Because I’m a miser, and I’ve been hella poor most of my adult life, and at a Super Center I can buy anything I could ever imagine needing. Except a French Press, apparently.

Which do you think is better? To give or to receive? Does this vary for you, given the circumstances?

I dunno. I want to say to give, because I do so enjoy helping people, and people doing things for me makes me feel ridiculously guilty. But at the same time, it really makes me feel good when someone does give me something or do something for me. Makes me feel honored that they thought of me. So… both? Can I answer both? Lol.

What word of advice or fun suggestion would you offer someone new to bondage?

Know the person you’re playing with.

If you ever decided to write a book, which genre would it be?

I’ve actually started one, but so far, I’ve only got a bit of character development. I have absolutely no idea what genre it will end up falling under. I still have no idea what the story is beyond the main character’s childhood.

Are you keeping any New Year’s Resolutions this year?

Well… I’m trying. It’s only the end of January, but I still haven’t gotten very far. The only thing I resolved to do this year is spend more time on my fiction. I’ve started a couple erotica pieces, but at least two of them only have one sentence. O.o

I’ll get there. It just may take some time.

Would you consider getting a second kitty?

Not in this apartment, but once we live somewhere bigger. Though I think this time, since we have an adult cat who’s had kittens, we’ll get a kitten and hope Cara’s still enough of a mommy cat to litter train it. I suck at litter training

As the submissive in your relationship, have you ever felt uncomfortable with any specific type of humiliation? If so, how do you negotiate this with Melen?

Some of you aren’t going to like this answer, but it is what it is. There’s all sorts of humiliation play I don’t particularly care for, and I don’t negotiate it with Master. I gave Him permission to do whatever He wants to and with me, so I’m not allowed.

If you could go back in time to live in another era, would you (provided that Melen could go, too)? If so, which era would you choose and why?

Hmm… I think it’s a toss up between poodle skirts and butter churning.

Crystal asked:

You’re stuck on a desert island with 2 sex toys (and an unlimited supply of batteries!)- what would you pick?

Vixen Creations Leo and Liberator BonBon. No batteries necessary.

Nicky asked:

Of the current projects you have listed on your about page, which do you enjoy most?

Insatiable Desire. It’s gotten me recognition, and jobs, and a few close friends I’d die for. And besides that, it’s been my baby for just about forever.

TheSinDoll asked:

What’s been the biggest challenge in your life this past year?

Accepting the fact that anger and dislike are mutually exclusive, and understanding how to avoid allowing my anger to affect how I feel about someone.

TitsMcScandal asked:

What is your favorite liberator item that you own?

The Cocoon. Hands down. But I love all my Liberator gear.

What was your first sex toy?

It was this pink plastic penis sleeve dual stimulator thing that I hated. It had a hard plastic rabbit on one side, and a hard plastic dome on the other, and a hole that didn’t stretch for the penis. It vibrated, but it wasn’t wireless or waterproof. And the fucking thing hurt. Not in a good way.

Dusk asked:

Would you ever be in a relationship with someone who wasn’t kinky and refused to do kinky things?

I can’t honestly say. Any relationships I have from here on in have to be approved by the man. I dunno that He’d approve a relationship with someone who wasn’t at least a little submissive in the bedroom.

Would I want to? That really depends on the person. I mean, yeah, there’s more to sex and relationships than kink, but there’s rarely a sexual encounter I can say I actually enjoyed that didn’t have a bit of kink mixed in.

Thanks for the questions, y’all!


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  1. K2theF
    February 1st, 2011 at 15:14 | #1

    Thanks for the answers, talking things over is usually the best recourse.

    How is the tallying for the giveaway going? The anticipation is killing me!

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