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Letter 11: Someone I judged on first impressions

January 30th, 2011

Dear Sarah, (sarahbear, in case you’re wondering)

My first few encounters with you were almost volatile. I didn’t make matters any better by sort of slamming you here on Insatiable Desire rather than trying to talk to you. You pushed that big red button that drives me insane. You called me a misogynist.

And what’s fucked up is I did exactly what I was pissed off at you about. I decided, based on the main encounter that stuck in my mind, that you were just some bitch who made snap judgments without trying to get to know someone.

I was wrong.

Yeah… it took a while for us to realize we were wrong about each other. Because I’m an asshole, I waited till you came to me even though I’d seen the post you wrote about realizing you were wrong about some of the opinions you’d formed about various things around the web, and the one where you quoted me. I think that was more out of fear, than anything else. Fear that you, like me, are capable of admitting you agree with someone even though you don’t like them.

Of course, you are. But that’s not what changed how we feel about each other. Or how I feel about you, rather. I’m not entirely sure what changed how you feel about me.

What changed how I feel about you was a) the fact that you took the time to reevaluate your opinion of me and b) when you realized you were wrong, you were a big enough person to tell me, and even apologize. That took some serious cajones, and if I haven’t told you before, let me tell you now, I’m grateful for that gesture.

I’m also incredibly glad to know you the little bit that I do. I hope our free time coincides more often so we can gab more.

Thank you. Truly.


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