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What We’re Up To

January 19th, 2011

So what’ve we been up to?

M’s been taking me out to lunch at the local diner, and buying dinner out so I can get my new schedule figured out. And thanks to the new job, we can afford to splurge a little, so that’s working out all right.

I’m getting back into blow jobs!

Oh, right. I didn’t talk about that.

My gag reflex is out of control. By that I mean I used to only gag if I stuck my toothbrush down my throat by mistake while brushing my teeth, but lately, just the thought of something disgusting makes me throw up. I really don’t get it.

Unfortunately, these days, that means deep throating M’s cock means I’m probably going to puke right after I swallow His cum. I really don’t get that either.

But it’s happening less and less. So maybe it was just lack of deep throating. I can’t get enough of sucking His cock now that I’m not throwing up afterward.

Now that I’ve got steady money coming in, we’re so much less stressed out, which means much less arguing, and even less hemming and hawing over which bills to pay when. And since I get paid weekly, that means we’ve always got money coming in, rather than having to wait till the next week. Which means we don’t have to make it through an entire week on $20.

Let me tell you… that’s AWESOME!

We went to M’s company holiday party on Friday night. We actually had money to drink. Are you sensing a theme? Lol.

Once again, our table was the loudest at the party, and it was mostly fun, but it was nothing compared to last year. And I found myself quite jealous of the cutest girl at the table. The second she sat down, all attention turned to her.

It shouldn’t have bothered me. She was new, so everyone wanted to know all about her, and it’s not like everyone decided to be her friend and hate me. I dunno. I guess it was just weird not being the center of attention at one of their company functions.

We joined a local master/slave group. I think I’ve mentioned that. There’s a meet and greet on Sunday, but I’m not sure we’re ready for that yet. Not just on a mental level, but also our schedules. And besides… Sunday’s our Winter Market day!

Anyway, that’s about it. You’re not missing much. Work consumes us, right now. I expect that to change once I get my job down pat.


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