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Paddled and Fucked

January 9th, 2011

Put your cuffs on.

Oh… and just in case it wasn’t clear, put your collar on, too.

Here, piggy. Here’s your leash. No. On your knees. Okay, go back to your work.

Since we’re not going anywhere, get something more revealing on.

As I adjusted my breasts in the long red gown He loves so much, He came in and picked up the heart-shaped paddle we got not too long ago.

Turn around and pull up the back.

He paddled my ass, and my thighs. Held my hips, pulling my ass tight against his cock. I started to cry and tried to pull away.

Oh, stop. You’re gonna make my cock hard.

Too late. He crammed it in my pussy and fucked me there, bent over, barely able to hold myself in position without crashing into the corner of the closet, or falling face first into the window. He held my collar, and drilled His cock deep inside until He finally was finished with me.

Now play with your cunt, pig.

He paddled me while I fucked myself.

Cum little piggy.

And I did.

Go clean yourself up and get your work done. You need to start dinner.

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    Yo, that’s what’s up trutuhllfy.

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