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After Christmas Epiphany

December 28th, 2010 2 comments

Last week, M decided we were going to go to the mall. We haven’t been in ages. Years, maybe. At least to this particular mall. And it was so last minute. But I’d decided at the beginning of this week that, since I’d accepted a job right before a time I’d asked Him to take off, and had been too chicken shit to ask if I could start when His vacation was over, I was going to just follow His lead, and do whatever He wanted.

I really had no holiday ideas of my own, anyway. I mean, I could spout all the cliche things my family did growing up. Driving around to look at lights, and bonfires, and Christmas caroling, and snowball fights (we managed even though we never got more than 3″ snow, and it rarely lasted more than a couple hours), and holiday shopping, and breakfast with Santa Claus at the local mall, and hot chocolate in front of the fireplace… At Christmas, most of the time, we pulled together, my family.  Read more…

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