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A Christmas Miracle -or- Why We Love @TheBloggess and Her Readers

December 24th, 2010

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I’ve been crazy busy. Crazy. Especially what with my having to relearn how to write like a journalist, instead of a blogger. It’s kept me super busy, cause I have to learn what’s on topic, and what’s okay to snark on, and what I really need to approach with tact. They’re really looking for a news approach, and not a snarky, opinionated blogger approach. So, it’s really no surprise that I didn’t catch on to what was going on over at TheBloggess.com till I thought it was over.

You’re never gonna believe it. I almost didn’t. And every time I read a new update, I start tearing up.

So, Jenny (TheBloggess) offered a $30 gift card to the first twenty people to comment on her post to let her know they need a little extra help this Christmas. And… You know what? I’m gonna let her tell it. She did it best.

From TheBloggess’s Update Post:

The past few days have been a whirlwind and I’m exhausted and have given myself hives so please forgive the typos.

A few days ago I put up a post offering $30 gift cards to the first twenty people who didn’t know how they were going to give their kids Christmas gifts this year. They went frighteningly quickly. When I got to the twentieth person I saw that there were still a few more people who needed help and my heart sunk. Then a few comments in one person said “I’ll take care of the 21st person”. Then another person offered a card for the 22nd. Then another. Then it avalanched.

In the past few days that post has gotten over 500 comments and so many heart-breaking requests were from people who need a small hand-up to buy food for Christmas dinner or from people who are planning on telling their children that there is no Santa because otherwise they wouldn’t understand why he didn’t come. You can’t read the comments and not ache a little because so many of us have either been there or see how easy it would be to be in their position one day. But here’s the amazing thing…every time someone would leave a comment asking for help someone else would leave a comment asking to help. And that’s why as of Friday morning, every single person who asked for help here is matched up with at least one person who will be sending them a gift card. In fact, so many people offered to help that we were able to give out multiple gift cards to people who had a greater need. And when things seemed dicey and I was about to call for an end to comments a wonderful man emailed me and told me that he’s so enjoyed the community on this blog that he wanted to donate $1000, no questions asked. So, ten people who were really struggling woke up this morning to $100 in their paypal accounts. Another reader offered $250 to a family in desperate need. A doll-clothes store owner sent sent seven beautiful Madame Alexander/American Girl dolls to wait under the tree for seven little girls who truly needed a single happy surprise in their lives right now. People getting the gift cards are vowing to pay the gift forward next year. Emails are flooding in from people in shock, in tears and so grateful. And the funny thing is that half of those crying, grateful people are the ones who are donating. They’re so happy to have finally felt something warm and true that they’re feeling a Christmas spirit for the first time since they were children.

I know exactly what they mean.

I haven’t made it all the way to the end of that post. My eyes water up so bad every time I try to get through that I can’t see the screen. People of every religion, from everywhere in the world sent money to absolute strangers in the name of Christmas. This just reiterates everything Christmas has meant to me since I was a child. Sometimes, a little faith in the spirit of Christmas is all it takes.

Thanks, Jenny. You and your readers are truly an inspiration. And you’ve made me believe again.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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