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In the interest of brilliance…

November 19th, 2010

Today, I scrubbed the shower, toilet, kitchen floor, stove and got almost completely caught up on the dishes I didn’t do while we weren’t eating in.  That whole doing dishes while I cook thing? Yeah, it requires me actually cooking.

M’s been all sorts of stingy with my time.  To the point of not wanting me to spend time cooking so we can just relax together.  We’re getting close to having to knock that shit off and start living off the groceries we bought, but we also have to go to the meat market some day soon so we have more than spaghetti and macaroni and cheese to eat.  Though this shopping trip, in the interest of saving time, since we’re already going to be cooking this gigantic meal on Thursday (Jesus, I can’t believe there are only six days till Thanksgiving!), we bought sauce, instead of the fixins for sauce.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this internet publication called Safeword Magazine snatched up my Orange Cranberry Sauce recipe, with my permission, of course, and included it in their November edition.  And look! They included my story in the side of the page! And a banner, and everything! Color me stoked.

We’ve been in this floaty, happy, comfortable, loveable bliss, lately.  When we argue, it’s usually over things like the law, or how to act around official people, or… I know, right?

We’re looking forward to the holidays! We’re pretty certain we’re still going to miss TSO this year, but we’re not overly concerned.  We’ve already talked to the cab drivers around town, and they say some cabbies charge you for bringing home a tree, but that they’ll all take you.  So M’s pretty much decided we’re getting a real tree this year, even though we have this piece o’ crap fake one in the closet.  I might put that one out by the road.  I haven’t decided yet.

I’m suddenly remembering all the trouble Christmas with kitties can be.  And I know Cara’s gonna cause me all sorts of trouble.  I almost backspaced over that and said us.  But who am I kidding? I’ll be the one chasing her out of the tree, and rehanging the ornaments.  I haven’t quite figured out what we’re doing with the rodents, cause they live where the tree’s going.  But we’ll figure it out, I’m sure.  I can’t wait to have a real tree in the house.

I’m bummed out because I was ordered to start doing Pilates again, and then promptly ordered not to.  Being the genius I am, I didn’t clear the counter space I needed for what I was doing, and I knocked our can opener off.  I’m not sure if I instinctively moved my foot in front of it to save it, or if it just happened to land on my foot, but there’s been a pretty good bruise that’s only just barely going away, and sometimes, it’s so painful I can’t put my weight on it.  There’s a slight possibility that I have a slight fracture, but if so, it’s so slight that the only thing a doctor would say is stay off it, ice it, yada, yada.  So I haven’t gone.  And naturally, I’ve been doing nothing but cleaning, and walking since it happened.

Pain in the ass? Who, me? Never!

It’s fun to watch Cara’s personality unfold.  We bought her a catnip monkey, and she loves the damn thing so much that she doesn’t get pissed if I make her get out of my chair to get it.  She’s probably the most clumsy cat I’ve ever seen.  She does back flips off the chair by mistake, and slams into table legs, and knocks over chairs.  She plays like a kitten, and loves all over us.  It’s awesome.  I missed having cats.

I’m tired.  And achy.  But I’m content.  And happy.  And it’s nice.


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