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In the interest of brilliance…

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Today, I scrubbed the shower, toilet, kitchen floor, stove and got almost completely caught up on the dishes I didn’t do while we weren’t eating in.  That whole doing dishes while I cook thing? Yeah, it requires me actually cooking.

M’s been all sorts of stingy with my time.  To the point of not wanting me to spend time cooking so we can just relax together.  We’re getting close to having to knock that shit off and start living off the groceries we bought, but we also have to go to the meat market some day soon so we have more than spaghetti and macaroni and cheese to eat.  Though this shopping trip, in the interest of saving time, since we’re already going to be cooking this gigantic meal on Thursday (Jesus, I can’t believe there are only six days till Thanksgiving!), we bought sauce, instead of the fixins for sauce.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this internet publication called Safeword Magazine snatched up my Orange Cranberry Sauce recipe, with my permission, of course, and included it in their November edition.  And look! They included my story in the side of the page! And a banner, and everything! Color me stoked. Read more…

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