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Product Review: Contour M by JimmyJane

November 3rd, 2010

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Ooo, what’s that?

So I went on a JimmyJane spree. There was a sale on JimmyJane’s massage stones, and Afterglow.  And even though I decided to take advantage of buyout reviews, instead of the sale, I still ended up with all three stone sets, and a bourbon Afterglow candle.  And Form 3.

I decided to start with the Contour M Massage Stone because it’s the first stone I bought.  It’s the first one I bought because it’s meant to act as a sort of mount for the rest of the stones.  And come on! Look at that unique shape! It’s an excellent place to start.

What’d it come in?

Pretty much everything I’ve ever gotten from JimmyJane has come in an elegant white box with either black or gray accents.  Usually, there’s a description of the product on the outside.  The box the Contour M came in also has photos demonstrating three different ways to use this massage aid, and pictures of some of the other products in JimmyJane’s massage line.

How’s it made?

The domed top is meant for long, shallow strokes.

The Contour M sort of resembles the crown of a molar.  It’s white, glazed, phthalates and latex free ceramic, with JimmyJane printed on it in gray.  It’s hard and smooth, and there’s no smell or taste.  One side is domed, and the other has a deep pocket in the middle that can be filled with oil, and four nubs on each corner.

This massager is light, and small enough for the smallest hands, but not so small that it’ll be swallowed by large hands.  It’s about two, two and a half inches tall. The arch is somewhere between the size of a softball and a baseball, measuring about three and three-quarters inches from edge to edge over the dome, and fits nicely inside my palm.  When I use the nubs, I often hold it very much like I’d hold a baseball right before I throw it.  I find it easier, when using the dome, to hold it with one of the nubs resting in the crook between my index and thumb, and the others resting naturally where ever they fit.  And when I’m just using one nub, I usually hold the opposite nub inside my fisted fingers, while the dome rests against the soft part beneath my thumb.

What’s it for?

The Contour M by JimmyJane is meant for shallow, broad massage strokes.  One can use the domed top, all four nubs together, or one nub on its own when using the M by itself.  Use it with the Contour I for a deep tissue massage, or the Contour Q for targeted massage.  Use it with Ember or Afterglow for a slicker, more sensual experience.  Or use it with JimmyJane’s Beyond Massage Lotions for a relaxing or energizing experience.

Howd is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
prevents hand cramps
provides excellent added stimulation
doesn’t work so well as a base
best performance with oil or lotion

The four nubs can be used for shallow, multi-point stimulation.

I think I’m getting arthritis in my hands.  At the very least, I’m dealing with more aches and pains than I used to.  Giving M a massage often ends with my hands damn near screaming with pain.  Themselves.  From their tiny little mouths called “pores”.

I dunno, shut up.

Enter the Contour M, and my Ember or Afterglow, and suddenly, I can give M a sensual massage as effortlessly as if I just got back from the body part store with a new pair of hands.  It’s rather versatile.  It’s gorgeous.  I love it.

Warm it up by putting it in warm water, or pouring warm oil in the pocket.  Cool it off by running cold water over it, or popping it in the fridge for a few minutes.  It’s easy to clean, and discreet.  I  mean, they sell similarly shaped massage tools all over the place, so no one will look at this and go “Hmm… I bet they bought that from a sex toy store.”

The glaze, while smooth to the touch, does sometimes create friction.  Especially on oily skin.  This is no huge thing for me because M and I prefer using oils and such anyway.  And I’m betting the first time you use a massage candle, or some warm oil to massage yourself, or your significant other, you’re gonna like it, too.  Maybe not all the time, but definitely when your muscles are really tight.

It doesn’t work so well as a base.  I mean, it does! The other stones roll perfectly.  The problem is, they clack, and squeak, and the noise is rather jarring.

But! Turns out that’s okay.  M prefers each of the stones on their own anyway, even when I was able to use the Contour M with the others without making too much noise.

Anything else I should know?

Do not heat this, or any other massage stone in the microwave.  While I doubt you’ll be ducking for cover, microwaves don’t heat evenly, and you may end up with some parts burning hot, while others still feel cold.  Don’t heat on the stove, in the oven, or in a fire, either.

You could probably put it in the dishwasher, but it’s not worth the risk.  A non-abrasive anti-bacterial soap and warm water cleans it up in a snap, no matter what product you use with it.  If you’re a germophobe, wipe it down with some bleach or rubbing alcohol.

I kept my box to store it in, but you could probably pick up some nice bags for your stones around the web.  Matter of fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I might do just that.

Where’d ya get it?

I bought JimmyJane’s Contour M from that store but you can buy it from Love Honey!

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