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Product Review: Escape Wet by Liberator

November 1st, 2010

For comparison. Click the pics to see the big version.

Ooo, what’s that?

M’s already talking about buying the king size Escape for our bed.  He figures if this one, which is meant for all sorts of wet play, is as cushy as it is, the microfiber cover can only make it cushier.  My only concern is, where the hell would we put the thing if he decides he doesn’t like it?!

I’ve got the king size Escape Wet by Liberator, currently only available in black, and it’s more proof that Liberator knows what they’re doing when it comes to sexual aids.

It’s dense, and squishy.  Fluffy, and comfortable.  It lays out on your floor, or on the sand at the beach, or a clearing in the woods.  And it’ll stand up to just about any liquid you can throw at it.

Slide it under your bed, or stow it in the closet.  Take it with you where ever you go with the Gear Bag (sold separately), or even tie some rope around it, if you’re so inclined.  Or, if you’ve got a dungeon, just leave it out! 

What’d it come in?

The shiny side of the PVC was difficult to capture, as well.

The Escape Wet came folded in thirds, and then in half, and tucked inside a white plastic bag with Love All Ways printed over and over in red on the outside.  This neatly wrapped package was stuffed inside a giant, brown cardboard box and shipped to me from Fulfillment Center.  In the bottom of the box was Liberator’s Position Guide Flipbook.

How’s it made?

The Escape Wet comes in two sizes.  The regular is fifty by seventy-two inches, and the king is seventy-six by seventy-two inches.  Both are two inches thick, and there are three parts to each.

Core: The core is made of white, “high caliber, high-density , polyurethane foam”, known as “champagne foam”.  From working in Bed, Bath and Beyond for a year, and having to learn the ins and outs of foam mattress pads, I can tell you this foam falls closer to the foam developed by NASA, with regard to quality, than it does what’s in your couch.  It’s dense, yet squishy and soft.  M and I are both big, but it holds up to our weight just as well as the Wedge/Ramp, and the BonBon.

Nylon waterproof barrier

Inner Shell: The inner shell is made of gray waterproof nylon.  It’s held closed on one side with a sturdy black zipper.  The stitches seem to be strong, and durable.  It fits tight to the foam, and will keep out pretty much any liquid you can throw at it.  It seems much stronger than the shell inside the BonBon, and the Wedge/Ramp, giving me the impression that it will absolutely stand up to rough play or terrain.  Due to the texture of the champagne foam, it’s not exactly easy-off, easy-on, but it’s not so difficult that you’re going to be struggling with it.

Outer Shell: There are two sides to this shell, but both are made of vinyl.  One is very latex-like in appearance, but contains no latex.  The other is almost cloth-like in texture, though it seems much stronger than, say, cotton, or polyester.  It, too, is held closed on one side with a zipper sporting a black and red tag that says Liberator.

What’s it for?

M and I have lain on it while playing with Cara.  I kneel on it.  M knelt on it the other day while going down on me.  We watch television on it.  I play video games on it.  It’s just that comfy.  Use the shiny side for wet play, and the cloth side to lay on.  Or toss a blanket or towel over the shiny side and lay on that side.  They even suggest taking it to the beach!

How is it?

Rayne’s Rating:
Pros: Cons:
easy to clean
holds up to ~520lbs of weight quite nicely
no gear bag
covers twist occasionally

"Champagne foam" is as difficult to photograph as snow!

First, let me tell you why I wanted it.  You’re gonna laugh at me.

My dream is to eventually have a formless living room.  I’m talking giant beanbags, cushy floor mats, and a backless couch, with tons of supportive pillows to lean on all over the room.  There won’t be any real order to it, and I’ll probably rearrange the “furniture” all the time, which caters to my need to  be constantly changing things.  A need that I rarely am able to fulfill because M’s one of those “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” kinda people.

So when I saw the Escape, it became a must have.  I mean, what formless living room would be complete without a giant, comfy floor mat?

In reality, however, I have a tiny, one bedroom apartment, and a living room with a dining room table in it, and the king fits almost perfectly in the floor space left.  And while the microfiber Escape might eventually find its way to  my living room floor, the Wet is just a little too “kink” for our L.L. Bean living room.  So, we fold it into thirds and stuff it into our recently cleaned out (Thanks, M!) closet.

Since it’s rather light, that doesn’t stop us from pulling it out to watch TV, or tossing it on the floor when M says he wants to put his face between my legs to ease the pain in his already ailing knees.  We flip the Escape Wet over, so the shiny side is on the carpet, and toss our Fascinator Throe, also by Liberator, over the mat, and it’s the next best thing to laying on a cloud.  My joints don’t start hurting, like they would if I were just laying on the floor, and I’m still noticeably raised off of it.  It’s just so comfortable!

My only annoyance? The nylon and vinyl shells sometimes get twisted, preventing it from laying flat.  But they often sort themselves out, and if not, they’re easily fixed, so that’s no biggie, really.

Anything else I should know?

"Did you really think I'd move?" The cloth-like side.

Polyurethane: If you absolutely have to clean this… I suppose it could happen.  Maybe while you’re washing the other layers you should never have to wash.  So if you have to, a damp cloth is the way to go.  And let it dry completely before putting the nylon and PVC shells on it.

Nylon: You shouldn’t have to wash this layer.  Ever.  Should any liquids somehow miraculously make their way through the PVC, all you should need to clean it is a damp cloth.  However, if it turns out you need more than that, machine wash in cold water with normal detergent.  Tumble dry on low and remove from the dryer immediately.  Excessive machine washing/drying of nylon may eventually cause pilling (little knotted balls on the material), so it’s probably best to let it drip dry over the shower rod, instead.

I find that with most Liberator shapes, it’s easiest to remove the inner shell, no matter what  it’s made of, by folding it back over itself, and then replace it the same way in reverse.

Vinyl: As long as you’re not pouring buckets of water on this thing, the liquid mostly stays on the mat.  And when you’re ready to clean it, just hose it down.  No, really.  I mean, yeah, there are special vinyl cleaners.  But honestly, some soap and water should work just fine.  For both sides.  And don’t worry about it getting into the foam.  That’s what the nylon barrier inside is for.

Where’d ya get it?

Liberator sent me the Escape Wet free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Liberator is the leading manufacturer of sex furniture and shapes.  A full service online sex shop, they also sell top of the line sex toys, Liberator Latex Couture and Liberator Lingerie, role-play gear, naughty bedding for the boudoir, books and DVDs, and products for the body and mind.  Liberator is truly a quality company, with quality products, aiding people of all shapes, sizes, and physical conditions to find ways to spice up their love life, and ease their ability to connect on a sexual level in comfort.

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