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30 Days of Kink: Define Your Kinky Self by TitsMcScandal

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From The Upper Floor by

Rayne’s been bugging everyone for a guest post defining their kinky selves for the writing project Thirty Days of Kink. Next up, TitsMcScandal.

From TitsMcScandal’s bio: I’m a 19 year old who has always been obsessed with sex. I’m a kinky slave girl. I have also been passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences. It is a natural progression then to have this blog.

To define my kinky self, I think a look back at where I began explains a lot of it. I was in an abusive relationship. The guy I was with controlled a lot of what I did and punished me if I did something wrong. Of course, because he was plain ole sadistic, he would punish me if I didn’t do something wrong too. Many people ask me now why I didn’t leave when I knew what was happening was wrong. It is because I got off on the pain that was being given to me. Plus, when he controlled me (by telling me what to wear or eat) it sent immediate shivers downward. Not to mention, the sex was fantastic. It was the first time I ever had done a consensual nonconsent scene. Granted, I didn’t know that it was called a ‘scene’ then, nor did I know that what we were experimenting with had a whole community out there that would have been able to harness what we were doing into something healthier and safer.  Read more…

30 Days of Kink: Define Your Kinky Self by Scarlet Lotus

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Image By Ben Scicluna

Rayne’s asked a few of the bloggers around the web participating in the writing project Thirty Days of Kink for permission to repost their response to the question listed on Day 1. The first post is from Scarlet Lotus St. Syr at Purveyor of Pleasure. Go here for their original post: 30 Days of Kink: Define Yourself.

From Scarlet’s bio: I’m a genderqueer fat femme drag queen fagette and pomo queer intellisexual polyamorous switch. I have degrees in both Gender Studies and Psychology, both with an emphasis in sexuality. I am a writer, photographer, blogger, sex toy reviewer, and a sex-positive kink, queer, and sex educator. My spirituality comes in the form of sacred whoredom, scarlet womanhood, occultism, and magik. I am an astrologer and a practicing occultist, dabbling in multiple disciplines including sex magik, ceremonial magik, quabalah, and golden dawn, among others.

Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.  Read more…